Join us in praying for Africa

Prayer is a great privilege that we have been given as God's children. We can reach God's heart and petition Him with our desires and requests. It is the desire of CfaN and hopefully yourself to see Africa saved, washed in the blood of the lamb, and redeemed as a continent. This can only be achieved through prayer and obedience (action).

Please use this monthly prayer guide to pray for different nations of Africa as we seek God's will and purpose for this great continent and its people.

Together we will see Africa saved!

Yours in Christ,

Evangelists Daniel Kolenda & Reinhard Bonnke



Map and Flag of RwandaRwanda is a small landlocked country in east-central Africa which is in the process of recovering from major ethnic strife there in the mid-1990s.  The population is young and predominantly rural, with a density among the highest in Africa.

The country has been beset by ethnic tension associated with the traditionally unequal relationship between the dominant Tutsi minority and the majority Hutus.  The most notorious of the tensions began in April 1994 with the Rwandan Genocide where in 100 days more than 800,000 people were killed, and the subsequent fleeing of over a million refugees contributed to a fall of nearly 23% in the population.

Due to its fertile agricultural land the country is striving to rebuild its economy, with coffee and tea production being among its main sources of foreign exchange.  Rapid urbanisation sees a rise in unemployment and, as a result, crime.  Most people survive on subsistence farming on tiny parcels of land.  Nearly two thirds of the population live below the poverty line.

Population: 12 million
Main Language(s): French, English, Kinyarwanda.
Religions: Christianity, Islam, Indigenous
Has religious freedom
Leader(s): Paul Kagame (President)

Orphaned young men learn traditional Rwandan dance in Gasogi village near Kigali Rwanda.

Points for prayer

  • Recovery from the 1994 genocide: areas still affected include - rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, healing of the trauma of the genocide, ethnic identity, political stability and need of a longer term strategy for future positive progress.
  • Spiritual Scene in Rwanda: many spiritual leaders were murdered or fled and have not been replaced.  Pray for a new generation of Biblical leaders to be raised.  Also, with Christian killing Christian in the genocide there is a need for renewed trust and unity.  Islam is also on the rise.
  • Future leaders:  children were deeply scarred by the events in the 1990s, but they are the future leaders of the country.  Pray that ministry to them will be effective and that God will bring healing.
  • HIV/AIDS: as a result of ‘war rape’ during the genocide HIV/AIDS is a massive challenge.  This is a ticking time bomb to rob Rwanda of its next generation.  Several ministries are working in prevention and care, but much still remains to be done in the fight to overcome this.

Sources: BBC, Wikipedia, Operation World.
Photo: configmanager / CC BY

Prayer for CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns

Please use these prayer points to pray for CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns


  • Practical support and backing from State legislature
  • Practical support and backing from local councils
  • Peaceful assemblies
  • Good weather during this rainy season
  • Financial Provision for:
    • Advertising
    • Printing
    • General Costs

CfaN Team

  • Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda

    • Good health and strong voices
    • Protection
    • Favour with government and tribal leaders
  • Technical Team
    • Health and safety of all members
    • No accidents
    • Fully functional equipment
  • Local CfaN Team
    • John Darku - Campaign Coordinator

      • Health and safety
      • All planning meetings meet objectives
      • Fellowship and cooperation with national and local leaders
    • Advertising
      • Safe delivery of 'Now That You Are Saved' booklets
      • Sufficient quality 'Now That You Are Saved' booklets
      • Safe distribution of leaflets and posters
      • Timely printed and sufficient leaflets and posters
      • Finances for Radio and TV advertising
      • Effectiveness in reaching the lost

Local Support

  • Support of the local Churches

    • Counsellors

      • Well trained
      • Sufficient to meet needs
    • Stewards
      • Well trained
      • Patience in dealing with crowds
    • Church Unity
      • Close cooperation between denominational churches


  • A fruitful harvest
  • Ability of churches to disciple biblically
  • A growth in church membership
  • A reduction of vice and immoral behaviour in campaign city and surrounding area
  • Changed lifestyles
  • A God honouring culture


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