Join us in praying for Africa

Prayer is a great privilege that we have been given as God's children. We can reach God's heart and petition Him with our desires and requests. It is the desire of CfaN and hopefully yourself to see Africa saved, washed in the blood of the lamb, and redeemed as a continent. This can only be achieved through prayer and obedience (action).

Please use this monthly prayer guide to pray for different nations of Africa as we seek God's will and purpose for this great continent and its people.

Together we will see Africa saved!

Yours in Christ,

Evangelists Daniel Kolenda & Reinhard Bonnke



Map and Flag of AlgeriaAlgeria is a democratic republic in North West Africa. The country is mostly covered by the Sahara desert where there are vast oil and gas reserves. The population is mainly Arab with the ethnic Berbers making up 30% of the population. A civil war in the 90's between the government and Islamists claimed 150,000 lives. Islamists continue to challenge the government trying to bring about Sharia law in the country. The country is officially a Sunni Islamic State with recognition and acknowledgement of the rights of non-Muslims to practise their religion, in practice there are restrictions placed on non-Muslims and they are often treated as second class citizens.

Population: 36.5 million
Main Language(s): Arabic, French, Berber
Religions: Islam
Limited religious freedom
Leader(s): Abdelaziz Bouteflika (President)

Typical market in Algeria

Points for prayer

  • Pray for the Church in Algeria which, despite persecution and restrictions, is growing. Pray for Godly leaders who will strengthen the Church. Pray the Lord of the harvest to raise up more workers who will go into the vast harvest fields of Algeria.
  • Pray for the Algerian diaspora in Europe, pray that their communities would open to the Gospel that they might be trained as disciples who will go back into Algeria and take the Good News with them.
  • Pray that the spread of militant Islam and associated persecution would decrease with those following Islam turning to Jesus.
  • Pray for the leadership of the country, for wisdom to meet the challenges of governance and to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly regardless of their religion.
  • Pray that the nation will open up to the Gospel and that there would be a mighty move of the Holy Spirit over the land. King Jesus be glorified in Algeria!

Sources: BBC, Wikipedia, Operation World.

Prayer for CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns

Please use these prayer points to pray for CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns


  • Practical support and backing from State legislature
  • Practical support and backing from local councils
  • Peaceful assemblies
  • Good weather during this rainy season
  • Financial Provision for:
    • Advertising
    • Printing
    • General Costs

CfaN Team

  • Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda

    • Good health and strong voices
    • Protection
    • Favour with government and tribal leaders
  • Technical Team
    • Health and safety of all members
    • No accidents
    • Fully functional equipment
  • Local CfaN Team
    • John Darku - Campaign Coordinator

      • Health and safety
      • All planning meetings meet objectives
      • Fellowship and cooperation with national and local leaders
    • Advertising
      • Safe delivery of 'Now That You Are Saved' booklets
      • Sufficient quality 'Now That You Are Saved' booklets
      • Safe distribution of leaflets and posters
      • Timely printed and sufficient leaflets and posters
      • Finances for Radio and TV advertising
      • Effectiveness in reaching the lost

Local Support

  • Support of the local Churches

    • Counsellors

      • Well trained
      • Sufficient to meet needs
    • Stewards
      • Well trained
      • Patience in dealing with crowds
    • Church Unity
      • Close cooperation between denominational churches


  • A fruitful harvest
  • Ability of churches to disciple biblically
  • A growth in church membership
  • A reduction of vice and immoral behaviour in campaign city and surrounding area
  • Changed lifestyles
  • A God honouring culture


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