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Dear Friends & Partners,

It is our joy as brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for the nations of the world.  Please join us as we focus, at this time, on the nation of Mali.

After gaining independence from France in 1960, Mali suffered from droughts, rebellions and a coup that brought in 23 years of military dictatorship. In 1992 democratic elections brought a political stability to the country that has persisted up until recently when Tuareg rebels declared the north of the country an independent state. Several Islamist groups including al-Qaeda proceeded to take control of the north of the country and are working to take over the south of the country and implement Sharia law.


Population: 14.8 million

Main Language: French, Bambara

Religions: Islam, Indigenous beliefs, Christianity has religious freedom

Leader: Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (President)

Points for Prayer

  • Mali’s socio-economic quandary is sobering. It is one of the poorest nations on earth, with people making on average $1.5US/day. Cotton growing employs one-third of the population but is highly vulnerable to world market fluctuations and competing growers elsewhere. Functional literacy is low and secondary school enrolment is under 20%. About one-fifth of children will not survive to the age of five, and of those who do, one-third will be malnourished. Two-thirds of the land area is desert or semi-desert, and the threat of desertification is ever present. Pray that Mali’s leaders have wisdom and insight in knowing how to provide health, education, gainful employment and long-term stability to their people.
  • Pray for open doors for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be declared to the people of Mali. Pray for an army of evangelists, apostles, prophets, teachers, elders from neighbouring countries who are willing to reach the lost populace of Mali and bring hope in a dark and desparate situation. 90% of Malians are Muslim, only 5% are Christian. The threat from Islamic extremism cannot be dispated through arms but only through the blood of Jesus!!!
  • Growth in the church in Mali - that the influence of Christianity on morals and values in the country may increase and be effective

Thank you for your prayer and support,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Prayer for CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns

Please use these prayer points to pray for CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns


  • Practical support and backing from State legislature
  • Practical support and backing from local councils
  • Peaceful assemblies
  • Good weather during this rainy season
  • Financial Provision for:
    • Advertising
    • Printing
    • General Costs

CfaN Team

  • Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda

    • Good health and strong voices
    • Protection
    • Favour with government and tribal leaders
  • Technical Team
  • Health and safety of all members
  • No accidents
  • Fully functional equipment
  • John Darku - Campaign Coordinator
  • Health and safety
  • All planning meetings meet objectives
  • Fellowship and cooperation with national and local leaders
  • Advertising
  • Safe delivery of 'Now That You Are Saved' booklets
  • Sufficient quality 'Now That You Are Saved' booklets
  • Safe distribution of leaflets and posters
  • Timely printed and sufficient leaflets and posters
  • Finances for Radio and TV advertising
  • Effectiveness in reaching the lost
  • Local CfaN Team

Local Support

  • Support of the local Churches

    • Counsellors

      • Well trained
      • Sufficient to meet needs
    • Stewards
    • Well trained
    • Patience in dealing with crowds
    • Close cooperation between denominational churches
    • Church Unity


  • A fruitful harvest
  • Ability of churches to disciple biblically
  • A growth in church membership
  • A reduction of vice and immoral behaviour in campaign city and surrounding area
  • Changed lifestyles

A God honouring culture

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