The Harvest Continues

Have you watched a relay race?  These are especially exciting events in the Olympic track and field competition.  Each runner must run alone as fast as he can, but in order to win the race the lone runner must suddenly become a team member, running stride for stride with the next runner in order to successfully pass the baton. It is the constant switch between individual effort and team effort that defines this event. Everything is won or lost in the exchange!

In my life I observed how the baton has been passed down the generations preceding me and eventually it came to me. Today I am still running with the Gospel calling on my life, but I am reaching forward with the same baton in my hand, looking for the next runner to take it.

For the last six years I have been working side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder with a young evangelist who shares my burden for the lost, together we see a multiplied harvest.  His name is Daniel Kolenda. For years I have scanned the skies for young men and women who have a burning heart for the lost. Daniel is surely one of them. In 1997, at the age of 16 he was ignited by the Holy Spirit in the Brownsville Revival in Florida. He came away with a burning call to evangelise the nations. 

I have noticed that he carries the Holy Spirit's flame from above as I do. I believe he is one of the next generations' movers and shakers in the Kingdom of God. I have handed him my microphone to preach the Gospel from the CfaN platform. The results are the same as when I preach. Since, Daniel started to preach at our Campaigns more than 17 million souls have been led to the Lord under his ministry and countless numbers have been healed, restored and set free from demonic oppression.  He has even seen the dead raised!

Daniel now serves as the president and CEO of Christ for all Nations and under his leadership CfaN is pressing on with a commitment to leverage every technology and opportunity God makes available to us for the great cause of winning souls. Daniel is leading CfaN into the future with empowered engagement in our main purpose '¦ strategic, intentional and relentless world-wide evangelism.

A few years ago I had an amazing experience. It was as though I was transported 20 years into the future and I was in listening in on a conversation between two personalities. They were talking about what was happening in Germany and Europe. They were discussing the streets of Germany being full of youth who were evangelising, praising God and worshipping Him. A question was asked, "What about Reinhard Bonnke? What happened to him?" the other replied "Oh, Reinhard Bonnke he was just a forerunner for a new generation of Holy Spirit filled evangelists"

Wow! I am excited about the future of the Church, about the new generation of on fire Christians and about the coming outpouring that is going to take place in the West. I am excited that under the diligent care and God inspired leadership of Daniel Kolenda combined with a tireless commitment to teamwork, detailed co-ordinated work on the field and dedicated prayers and financial support Christ for all Nations is moving forward in seeing a continued harvest. 


Believing that TOGETHER with YOUR help
and with God's help the best is yet to come!

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Founder Christ for all Nations



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