The Story of CfaN

"A PICTURE is worth a THOUSAND WORDS!" But when you see God move in a person, you are often left SPEECHLESS.

The above picture shows a small piece of the remarkable evidence of God's grace and goodness in Africa.

We are careful to give God ALL the glory for all that we've watched Him accomplish and complete in cities, regions and nations of the world through the efforts of this ministry.

Our vision statement says, "We're winning millions to Christ, ONE SOUL at a time". Every single, solitary soul is PRECIOUS.

The casual observers of our organisation often exclaim over the massive crowds that gather to hear the Gospel. Yet what they miss many times is our vigorous focus on the follow-up program for each ONE.

Our follow-up system is carefully set in place so that every new believer has a sincere opportunity to be nurtured and developed in their new found faith in Christ.

Jesus Himself reminds us of the true value He places on every individual sheep.  He tells us how a shepherd (who has 100 sheep) will leave the 99 to find the ONE who is lost.  And when the ONE is found, the shepherd rejoices more over the one than the 99. (See Matthew 18:12-14)

ONE is the KEY!  You can never underestimate the power of ONE.  The Scriptures are full of prime examples:
        ONE little Boy '“ helpful in feeding 5000 - John 6:9-13
        ONE little Girl '“ instrumental in healing a world military leader - 2 Kings 5:1-3
        ONE Woman '“ influential in saving a nation - Esther 4:14
        ONE Man '“ foundational in saving mankind from extinction - Hebrews 11:7
        ONE Son '“ pivotal and essential in God's plan of redemption - Romans 5:17

Understand this:  YOU are important in the plan of God.  There is work for every ONE of us in the end-time harvesting of souls.  Jesus commanded the disciples: 'Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers (Matthew 9:38), and added, 'Go!'  He still says that to us today.

As you read through these Story of CfaN articles,  I encourage you to OPEN your HEART and let the Holy Spirit lead and inspire you to be another ONE who will answer God's call to 'Go' and be used by Him in these end times.

Plundering Hell to Populate Heaven,

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Founder Christ for all Nations



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