Bootcamp Initiation: Tanzania

Recent Bootcamp Graduates have hit the ground in Tanzania! They have been trained, equipped, mentored, and now the final part of their training is here: Bootcamp Initiation! For the next 3 weeks, graduates will be conducting outreaches and ministering as a part of CfaN’s vision for multiplication of evangelists and the Decade of Double Harvest! We are just getting started, so be sure to check back often for updates and recaps of all that God is doing in Tanzania through these powerful men and women of God over the next few weeks.

See all of week one's images and reports directly from the Bootcamp graduates as they preach the Gospel and pray for the sick in Tanzania.

Orientation Day

Not your average evangelism orientation! Hear from Levi Stewart, the Christ for all Nations Administrative Dean, as he describes what happened when the fire-filled evangelists prepared to go out and preach the Gospel!


This is no coincidence! Recent Bootcamp Graduate Kole Purdy and colleagues met local Tanzanians who pointed out a clock tower to them, marking the halfway point between Cape Town and Cairo. Evangelist Bonnke’s vision for a blood-washed Africa from Cape Town to Cairo is being fulfilled as we continue in the harvest of souls with a new generation of evangelists!

Evangelists are working together to minister and conduct outreaches in marketplaces, schools, and on the streets. This video shows only one of several teams on the ground. Please continue praying the Holy Spirit guides all their planning as they go out to preach and pray for the sick!

The future is bright-God touching the next generation!

The Holy Spirit is ministering to the next generation in Tanzania! Bootcamp Graduates and an entire team of evangelists are witnessing thousands of children surrender to Jesus and receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

Watch the recap video for week 2 in Tanzania.

We have now seen over 100,000 people surrender to Jesus after two weeks in Tanzania for the Bootcamp Initiation! We will still have one more week on the ground with the team of evangelists. Please pray for perseverance and continued health for everyone.


Jako Hugo and Karin Hugo have worked with Christ for all Nations for many years at our Gospel Crusades. In between the crusades, they would preach the Gospel, and have led thousands of children to Jesus. Right now Jako and Karin are coaches in Tanzania to our Bootcamp Graduates, helping them to do the same!

This is what it's all about!

God is raising up an army of evangelists to reach the next generation for Jesus! This is what it’s all about.


Testimony of Lilliana Alvarado, September 22nd – School Outreach

It was September 22nd, and my 2nd day of school ministry. As my team and I drove into a small private school, we were met at the gate by a friendly man with a big smile, who welcomed us in and led us to the head teacher. God gave us favour with the head teacher, who gave us permission to speak to all the students. To our surprise, however, there were only 22 students in the school. This was unusual for us, as it is normal for us to speak to hundreds, even thousands of students at once. I knew that this time would be one of a kind! All the students were brought into one classroom, and we were all required to remove our shoes prior to entering. It was a very intimate setting, and I could sense the Lord was going to do something special. My coach, Gary Smith, opened the meeting, and then I began to preach the gospel. I felt the Lord urging me to preach with just as much energy and fervour as if I was standing before hundreds of thousands. I shared the gospel using a little paper boat. I passionately proclaimed how Jesus purchased us with His blood to redeem us to himself. During the altar call, nearly every person in the little room raised their hand, including the teachers. Immediately after I was finished speaking, one of the teachers took me by the hand and pulled me aside. She began telling me how she used to walk with God and be so close to him, but she had strayed so far from him recently. She began to cry, and as the tears streamed down her face, this dear teacher told me that she felt like God spoke directly to her through our presentation, and she wanted to give her heart back to Jesus. My heart swelled with joy as I prayed with her to rededicate her life to the Lord. As soon as I finished praying for her, another teacher tapped me on the shoulder and, through her tears, told me how she also wanted to return to the Lord and rededicate her life to him. As I prayed for her, I felt the passionate love of God being poured out over us. The presence of God was tangible and so sweet. Two prodigal daughters had returned home [to Father God]!! As if this wasn’t already thrilling enough, it so happened that as I was praying for these two precious teachers, my coach, Gary Smith was speaking to the man who greeted us at the gate, who was a Muslim. Gary received a word of knowledge about his back pain and prayed for him. Instantly, the man’s back was healed, and he testified that he had no more pain. Gary began to share the gospel with him, and point to the fact that Jesus loves him so much. The Holy Spirit did His wonderful work in this man’s heart, and this man, who was a Muslim when we arrived, received Jesus into his heart and was radically born-again! My team and I felt absolutely elated and overjoyed. Before we left the school, I could see the light of Jesus in his eyes. He was full of hope and smiling with such a holy brilliance. The gospel is good news and when it is preached, it happens!! Glory be to Jesus!! 


Testimony of Matias Tovainen, September 22nd – Village outreach

I went to the side of the road where I noticed a Muslim woman wearing a full burka, and reading Islamic literature. I approached her and began to share the good news of the cross with her. As soon as I was finished, she took off her glasses, put her prayer book down in the dirt and began weeping in front of everyone in the middle of the market. She was so touched by the message of Jesus, that she fully surrendered her life to Christ and declared: "For 50 years I have been following the wrong way, but now you have brought me the truth, and I will always follow the right way. Thank you so much for coming to share with me!’’ It was an incredible deliverance from darkness into light, and from slavery into freedom. For a couple of hours, she was being deeply touched by God. At the end of our time together, she took off her face covering as a sign of being delivered from slavery into the arms of a God, who sees her as His child and loves her. However, it kept getting better. As I left her to go and eat lunch, another Muslim woman nearby interrupted me and said: "Don’t you go anywhere, as I need prayer also!’’ I, of course, was happy to get down in the dirt with her and pray for her injured arm and knee. Jesus healed her completely! After this, I shared with her the gospel message, to which she replied: "I will also leave Islam and follow Jesus!’’ Afterwards, I saw these now-former Muslim women, who hadn’t known each other, leaning against each other and in love, like sisters.


Testimony of Eric Dykes, September 22nd– Village Outreach

As we arrived on this very special day on September 22nd. As soon as we got out of the car, we noticed a boy that needed prayer. As we started to pray, about 40 people surrounded us. We knew it was time to "cast the net," so we preached the Gospel to them! And all of them received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour! Many were healed and delivered, but there was one very special part of this story. There was a man that was running towards the large group straight towards us. As he was running, he fell to his knees, and lifted his arms to heaven and said aloud: “I want to be free!” Hallelujah! And as he received Jesus, he did something very interesting. There was a bracelet on his wrist. And he violently took the bracelet off of his wrist and threw it away from himself. When my friend asked what that was, the man said, “it means I was a drunkard but now I am free in Jesus' Name!” Can you say Amen!


Testimony of Joe Franklin, September 24th – School Outreach

“September 24th, 2020. Everyone say it with me: September 24th, 2020. This is the day of your salvation. Never forget today!,” encouraged Gary Smith, our team coach for the day. I stood in shock. I was amazed! We had just shared the gospel and delivered the free gift of the Holy Spirit to over 4,000 kids! The courtyard was electric with the presence of God. The dust from the feet running to the field was palpable. But let’s go back to the beginning. It all started with us seeing a school that we did not originally see on the map. We went in and talked to the Head Madem, who was delighted to have us speak. She had the students assemble in the courtyard. They kept coming and coming until the whole courtyard was full of 4,000 students. Construction was happening in the middle where we were standing, but the students didn’t seem to care as they crowded in. The construction men stopped their work. We had a concrete stage to stand on that started out large, but got smaller as time went on. We set up the speakers and waited for the "thumbs up" to start. To me, it was so nerve-racking preaching the gospel to that many children! The children hung on every word, receiving it with an open heart. Jesus was knocking on the door of every heart! The students began to crowd around the stage with every part of the story, which is when the stage shrunk! By the time it came for the children to receive Holy Spirit, the stage was a 1-foot circle. Children crowded around. Some began to push, and as our time was running short, we had everyone close their eyes and pray! The Holy Spirit began to come like He always does. Students we saved, healed and delivered. Many received the Holy Spirit with power. Coach Gary closed it out by saying “Remember today, the day of your salvation! September 24th, 2020.” That was the day that 7,956 kids had the opportunity to come to know Jesus, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit! Four thousand students at one school! It was breathtaking and so humbling to watch so many open their hearts to Jesus. And then, to even open their arms wide to receive the Holy Spirit! I will never forget September 24th, 2020, the day so many received Jesus. 

2 Corinthians 6:1 “...Today is the day of salvation...” 


Testimony of Lauren Clark, September 27th – Village Outreach

A lady called us over and asked us to pray for her feet, knees and back. After praying, she got up and walked! Then, two Maasai men asked us to pray for their knees, which we did. Afterwards, they said that they were healed also. People started coming over from a nearby meeting, asking prayer for feet and knees, etc. All but one lady said she was healed. As we were, attempting to leave, some people stopped me. They pointed to an elderly man, who had come who was blind in one eye. His left eye actually was shut. He could only see out of his right eye. I laid hands on his eye and prayed, and Jesus opened his eye! He opened it physically, as well as restoring his sight! He shared with us that he had gone to the largest hospital in Kilimanjaro, where the doctors told him he was blind and there was nothing that could be done. That he would never see out of that eye again. But Jesus said differently and caused the blind to see. Praise God! It was glorious! We tested the miracle. He held his hand over his good eye, and I held up fingers and he was able to tell how many fingers I was holding up. We kept moving further back, away from him at different distances, and he was able to see. Hallelujah!! It was Glorious. Jesus heals today! He is alive!!


Testimony of Devin Barrett, September 27th – Village outreach

One day while we were holding multiple meetings in an area, we looked for a new spot to share the gospel. After almost 2 hours of searching for a spot, we ended up back where we began. There was already a new crowd there in this market to preach to. With the smell of smoke and people dancing to the music, there was a man who was very distracting and acting crazy. Our leader Paul took him aside, however, the man saw me and wanted to talk to me. I pulled him aside to try to listen to him with the translator, however, the translator said he made no sense. But the man did have a note that said that he needed to find a church. Now, I have to say, it is not unusual for there to be a distracting man at these truck meetings in the marketplace. There is always someone who seems to show up and be a distraction there. And as always, I usually prayed over them, although generally not much happened. So I asked this man if I could pray for him, just like I would to any other distracting person. He said yes. So I prayed a very simple prayer that didn’t cause me to feel extra spiritual in any way. I prayed, Jesus come. Holy Spirit come." As a result, he opened his eyes and started to cry! He began to say “I remember now. I remember my name, I remember my kids, I remember my house.” He said, "I felt something leave my mind when you prayed." He then gave his life to Jesus, and after that, invited the Holy Spirit to live in him. The meeting was going on in the background as I continued to minister to this man. At the end of the meeting, he looked at me and said, “I am free.” I blessed him, and he went in his way. This is just one of the amazing miracles that we see on the trucks, and it’s beautiful to be a part of what God is doing here. The gospel truck ministry is hard at times.  There’s a ton of dusty, many distractions, and the people’s hearts can be hard. But wherever we go the gospel is preached, people are saved, healed delivered. In Jesus' name!


The third and final week of the CfaN Bootcamp Initiation has come to a close. What a powerful and life-changing three weeks it has been not only for the Bootcamp Graduates and coaches, but for the thousands of people who received salvation, healing, and deliverance (over 165,000 salvations!) The cities in Tanzania have been rocked by the Gospel, and we are excited for the upcoming crusades in Tanzania in November!


Testimony of Jenny Carroll , September 30th  - Marketplace Outreach

This week I have been on ministering at the marketplace outreaches. On Thursday when we reached the market, and a number of us were invited into a room which was selling hot food. The owner welcomed us, and others shared who we are and why we had come. We found out that she had pain in her ankle, and it appeared swollen. I was volunteered to pray and as I stooped down to lay hands on her ankle, I suddenly realised that my mind had been elsewhere. Nevertheless, I prayed a simple prayer in faith trusting that, despite my lack of preparedness, the Lord would answer. After all, I reasoned to myself, it is God who does the healing and not our own efforts. Sure enough, as the lady was asked, she replied that the pain had gone. I asked if it had gone completely and she replied that it had. I then asked if she was saved and she said no. Having been healed, she also wanted to be saved, and then prayed with us to make Jesus her Lord and Saviour with no hesitation. This was followed by many more hours of prayer and conversations. This was my first day with a translator, Francisco, as he was no longer needed by others who had paired up. I didn’t need much translation as the conversation was spoken mainly in Swahili. It was good to hear him share the gospel and answer people’s objections well. As time was running out, we began speaking with some young ladies at a stall on the corner. They each said that they were saved. I wasn’t at all convinced that this was the case with some of them, although one seemed to genuinely know the Lord. So we shared the gospel, and then asked them questions to make them think. Despite this, they didn’t want to respond. Time was up and we turned to leave, but a new voice from behind called us back. A young man had been listening at the adjacent stall around the corner. He shared that his friends were unsaved. The gospel was shared once more, and by the time we left, there were more souls saved. Although we ended up being late back to the rest of the team, the Bible does say in 2 Corinthians 6:2, “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.” 


Testimony of Matias Toivainen, October 1st - School Outreach

On October 1st, 2020, I remember laying in my bed as a young 20-year-old, and telling the Lord what a privilege it would be if I could lead 1000 people to Jesus before I turn 30. Well, here I have somehow ended up one year later at 21 years old, and I just got to lead that 1000 people to Jesus in twenty minutes! It is truly incredible what the Lord can do with our simple "yes", and with our little loaves and fish. This week I have been doing the school outreaches, visiting every school we can find and preaching the gospel to the future of Tanzania. We give them a simple gospel message, including a call to repentance and following Jesus, and then pray for the Holy Spirit to fall on every student. Today, together with my partner, we visited eleven schools and spoke to about 8000 students. A massive number of students of all ages responded to the gospel message and decided to follow Jesus. Many of them are Muslims also! One of the schools was in the middle of taking their exams when we arrived, but the staff decided to ring the emergency bell in order to get every class to assemble together to hear about Jesus. What a great reminder of the urgency of the gospel. We believe that it is an emergency protocol. We have no time to waste as people are sleepwalking into hell and we cannot merely sing them lullabies. Now is the day of salvation! It has been a truly incredible week watching waves of salvation and joy sweep through the schools. The students are so happy to respond to Jesus, and the teachers are so happy to see their young ones find life in Him. Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Together on the mission, Matias Toivainen 


Testimony of Joe Franklin, October 2nd – Gospel Trucks

The gospel goes forth into the atmosphere every time we preach. This past week has been amazing as we have ministered with the gospel trucks. Many people across, many markets have heard the gospel. I will always remember our last time out though! Before we got out of the car, we prayed in the Spirit and built ourselves up to finish strong. As we got out of the car, a small dust cloud formed. We walked to the big truck as the music blared. With massive smiles on their faces, the dancers were preparing people to hear the gospel. The dancers give their all every time they perform. The people’s hearts soften with each move of their feet, it seems. When the song finishes, Andrew steps up to preach the gospel. The crowd seems to hang on his every word. He does a fantastic job, as many came to salvation. We played a powerful song, "Hallelujah," sung by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda. The presence of God filled the market as many filled out decision cards. Then it was my time to pray for the sick. I invited all who were sick to come to join me at the front. About ten people came forward with various ailments. I began to share about the goodness of God, and how God had just healed a man with back pain for 9 years during our previous meeting. Yesterday, Jesus healed a man with pain in his body for many years from diabetes, and he left without any pain. Jesus began to fill the market even more. I pointed the people to Jesus and declared the works of the devil broken. Then I began to pray and break the works of the devil, and a woman with a baby on her back started to fall down under the power of God. Someone caught the baby quickly. Another person caught the woman. She began to manifest even more as I prayed and broke every curse and every sickness. Jesus began to breakthrough. After I finished praying, I had everyone check their body. Many began to do things they could not do before. It was incredible! One woman had pain in her leg and blurry eye vision. After we prayed, she could see better and all the pain was gone! The woman who manifested the demon came up and proclaimed Jesus as her Lord and saviour! Jesus completely set her free. She got up off the ground free. One of my fellow evangelists led her to Jesus. We then did another altar call and five people gave their lives to Jesus. It was an amazing last market outreach. Jesus is so good. It is God's will to heal, and He still heals today. Jesus still sets the captives free!  (Luke 4:18-19)  


Testimony of Bill Ferguson – Gospel Trucks

It has been an awesome and exciting time here on the mission field in Arusha, Tanzania. Our Bootcamp grads' 2020 Initiation Trip under Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Christ for all Nations, has been a life-changing experience. I would recommend Bootcamp 2021 for all evangelists to experience. This week I was preaching from the gospel trucks. One notable testimony happened when I went to pray for an older woman. I sensed the Holy Spirit wanted me to say to her that she had a curse over her life. I told her that Jesus is here to break the works of the devil and set her free. She told me that many times in her life she felt that there was a snake at the back of her neck, that curled around and went into her stomach. After I prayed for her, she said she felt the snake leave her body out of her neck and stomach. She was completely healed and afterwards gave Jesus all the glory! Also, this week while we were preaching, a man came by and heard our gospel message. He then came over to the truck and gave his life to Jesus. He said he was in the hospital for months and could hardly walk on is legs. He went to a witch doctor who could not heal his legs. I prayed in the name of Jesus and Jesus broke the works of the devil over his life and he was completely healed. He testified that the witch doctor could not heal him; but that Jesus had healed him that day! When I was preaching on healing in the market this week, a number of people came up for healing. After I prayed for a group of people, then I felt to lay hands on them and pray. Many people were slain in the spirit. The power of God broke out and some were crying, and many testified that they were completely healed! God is awesome and praise His name!  


Testimony of Devin Barrett – Marketplace Outreach

This is Moriah. Today in Tanzania, Africa, God had a divine plan in our encountering this woman. This morning, before we went to the marketplace we prayed. I heard a few words in my spirit such as "left eye," "knee pain," and the name "Moriah." I was not feeling anything out-of-the-ordinary, and I honestly doubted that I had just heard the voice of God. But in faith, I wrote the name down and everything else I heard and put the note in my pocket. We had finally hit the markets and had been praying for people. We had been seeing healings and salvations. God was on the move! In one particular place, I had asked the owner of the shop if she knew anyone named Moriah. She told me her daughter’s name was Moriah, but that she had passed away. I asked if she knew anyone else of that name? And she said, “Yes, in fact, an old lady rents from me with that name as well!” She then told a kid to take us to her. While on the way, I honestly still was in doubt, thinking could this be the woman that God wanted me to encounter today? After a 10-minute walk, we finally came to a house of mud and sticks. An old woman sat outside, and as we got closer, I could see that her left eye was cloudy! Right away my faith grew, and I knew that we had found the right woman, and that God was about to do something amazing! We explained what happened and how we came to her. She said Moriah was her name, and that she was blind in her left eye and that her knees were very badly in pain. She related that a year ago she had fallen, and since that time she went blind, with nothing but darkness in her eye and so much pain in her knees. We witnessed her literally pick up her knees with her hands to be able to move her legs. We began to pray and after the second time we prayed, her eye opened up! She began to tell me the number of fingers I had up with her left eye. She saw light and could see me at a distance. We prayed more times for her sight to be restored as it was still a little blurry at a distance, but it got better. We prayed for her knees to be healed and I asked her to stand up. She pushed our hands away and got up all by herself, completely pain-free! The love of God for this woman completely amazed me - that God had planned to heal Moriah today and led us right to her. God Is Good and Jesus is a healer! Hallelujah!