Nakuru, Kenya

Christ for all Nations returns to Nakuru for the first time in 20 years!

Nakuru is the administrative and economical headquarters of Nakuru County. Conveniently situated between Nairobi and Western Kenya. Nakuru was established by the British as part of the White highlands during the colonial era and it has continued growing into a cosmopolitan city.


Nakuru is populated by people from the whole of Kenya and from many regions of the world. The population is predominantly Kikuyu and Kalenjin but it has a cosmopolitan feel. The city has a sizable population of Kenyans of Indian origin and a few of the original settler families have also remained in the area.

Land and Climate

In Nakuru the summers are short, warm, and overcast and the winters are long, cool, and mostly cloudy. The rain in Nakuru falls mostly in the winter, with relatively little rain in the summer. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 12°C (53°F) to 27 °C (82°F) and is rarely below 8°C (48°F) or above 30°C (86°F).


Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism are the backbones of the economy of Nakuru. The main crops grown around Nakuru and marketed in the city include coffee, wheat, barley, maize, beans and potatoes. The crops provide the primary raw material for the manufacturing industries found in Nakuru and Nairobi. These industries include flour milling and grain ginneries. Dairy farming is a key economic activity and provides the inputs for various milk processing plants around the city. Other manufacturing industries include Menengai soap factory, Car&General Motorcycle plant, Eveready Battery plant, Fertiplant East Africa and many more.


***UPDATE 23rd July***

I wanted to provide you another update of the amazing results from our pre-crusade outreach currently taking place in Nakuru, Kenya. In just 4 weeks, we have visited more than 400 schools and have seen over 168,000 salvations! Last week alone, we have seen another 39,000 students make decisions to follow Jesus.

These are exciting times, but we are not finished yet! Please pray as we continue to minister in the schools, believing for even more young people to be saved as well as our main crusade taking place on August 8-11 in Nakuru, Kenya. The best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name!

***   ***

***UPDATE 16th July***

I am excited to share with you that our Pre-Crusade team of evangelists have seen over 129,000 salvations in just three weeks of ministering in the schools throughout Nakuru, Kenya! Nearly half of the total decisions were received this past week alone while visiting 150 schools and seeing over 60,000 young people give their life to Jesus.

While we rejoice and stand in awe of what God has done thus far, our team isn’t slowing down at all. Instead, with over 3 weeks left of outreach before the main crusade next month, we are only increasing our efforts to maximize on this window of opportunity. The young people of Nakuru are being impacted by the Gospel and seeds are being sown that will bring salvation to entire families and villages, producing lasting fruit in Kenya.

Thank you for your partnership and for standing with us to make this all a reality. Please continue to pray for our pre-crusade team as we continue to minister and for the main crusade which takes place on August 8-11 in Nakuru, Kenya.

***   ***

I want to share some exciting news with you! As part of our ‘Decade of Double Harvest’ initiative, we have been hard at work increasing our efforts in order to see 150 Million souls saved within the next decade. In fact, just last year when I announced the use of our Gospel Trucks for pre-crusade village outreach, I stated that ‘I believe the days are soon coming where we will see as many or more people saved BEFORE the crusade than during it’… and I believe those days have come!
In preparation for our next African Gospel Crusade on August 8-11 in Nakuru, Kenya, we already have a team of evangelists on the ground paving the way for Kenya to be shaken by the Gospel! This team of just four evangelists have each been personally trained by myself and played a role in our pre-crusade outreaches in the past. Now, to impact Kenya’s high population of young people, we have set our sights on ministering in the schools, meeting them where they congregate together each day.
This past week our pre-crusade outreach team has preached the gospel in 51 schools (mostly public) and have seen over 33,000 decisions to follow Jesus! I believe what is happening right now is unprecedented and will lead to the salvation of entire families…and this is just the beginning!

Thank you for partnering with us both prayerfully and financially to reach these precious young people of Kenya. Please continue to pray as there is still another month left of outreach leading up to the main crusade in August. The best is yet to come, In Jesus’ name!

Yours in the Gospel,

Daniel Kolenda
(With Reinhard Bonnke and the Christ for all Nations Ministry Team)