Tanzania - Week 2


We are right in the middle of something that is historical and significant, the Operation Decapolis! It’s the culmination of more than two years of planning in obedience to the word of the Lord. In my very first message to you last week I told you about all the exciting steps that have led to this moment. We are so grateful to have you, partner, with us in the Decade of Double Harvest! We are truly seeing the fruit right now, here in Tanzania!

Tonight we began our first night of our two Gospel Crusades taking place simultaneously in Arusha and Singida, Tanzania. In Arusha, Evangelist Nathan Morris preached a fiery gospel message and in Singida, I preached and had Evangelist Paul Maurer with me.

Please read below a summary from Nathan’s night in Arusha and Paul’s night in Singida. I know you will be encouraged and blessed!

From Evangelist Nathan Morris: ARUSHA, TANZANIA

“We just completed our first night in the city of Arusha, Tanzania. What an honour it is to join with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the CfaN team to preach this glorious Gospel!

As I entered the field tonight, I could immediately sense the anticipation and expectancy of the large crowd that had already gathered, waiting to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I preached ‘Behold The Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world’, and thousands responded to the call of salvation.

Almost immediately after the prayer, miracles began to happen as the Holy Spirit moved upon the precious people of Tanzania. Many people started to dance and give praise to God as they listened to each testimony of healing!

Here is just a sample of some of the testimonies we heard tonight.

  • A lady who had been blind in her left eye for the last 14 years testified that she had regained her eyesight! She was completely healed as we tested her vision.

  • A lady was crying, declaring that the Lord had healed her right ear, which was completely deaf. She testified the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her and opened up her deaf ear.

  • A 6-year-old boy who suffered with a growth was brought up to the stage with his mother. She testified how the growth in her son had disappeared from his body!

We give Jesus all the praise. Please keep all the team in your prayers. May we reap a mighty harvest! Amen.”

From Evangelist Paul Maurer: SINGIDA, TANZANIA

“Yesterday I did a 30-minute live radio show here in Singida to invite everyone to the gospel crusade. There is only one radio station in the city, and I hear that the radio is very popular here. It was a great way to invite the city to the crusade! The city is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim, so I invited all the Christians and Muslims to come to the crusade to get their miracle from God.

Before the crusade meeting, tonight Evangelist Gary Smith and I had a parade and caravan around the city. The locals were playing music as we drove through the main streets. We were waving at the people and inviting them to the crusade. The people here in Singida were so happy to see us! They are so friendly.

Right before the crusade, a big storm came through the area, and there was heavy rain. It was pouring outside, but it didn’t stop what God wanted to do!

Right before Evangelist Daniel Kolenda got up to preach, the sky cleared up, and there was no more rain.

Tonight Evangelist Kolenda preached a powerful message on the blood of Jesus! He passionately told the people that the blood of Jesus cleanses us, heals us, protects us, and purchased us. He had the undivided attention of the people the whole message, and when he gave the altar call, thousands made a decision for Jesus!

Many were healed tonight as Evangelist Kolenda prayed for the sick: 

  • A lady came to the meeting with severe pain in her waist. She sold fruit in the market place, and it was frustrating because she could not lift the fruit and other things because of the pain. Jesus touched her at the meeting. The pain left, and she was completely healed.
  • A lady had pain in her head and back for three months. As Daniel Kolenda was praying for the sick, she prayed, “Jesus don’t pass me by.” Soon after, all the pain disappeared, and she was healed.
  • A lady had terrible pain in the back of her foot for one year. It was so bad that when she walked to the meeting tonight she could only put weight on the front of her toes. During healing prayer, Jesus touched her and healed her. She can now walk pain-free!
  • A lady had pain in her wrist and elbow for 1.5 months. She heard a word of knowledge spoken that God was healing someone’s wrist. Immediately she said she felt something more throughout her wrist and elbow, and she is completely healed.
  • A lady said she had waist pain and had a hard time walking since June. She said that she could not even walk to the crusade on her own. Her 11-year-old son heard about the crusade and said, “Mom if you go to the crusade Jesus will heal you.” During the healing prayer, strength entered her body, and now she can walk without pain!
  • A lady could not walk and had severe pain in her legs for three years. Jesus touched her tonight, the pain left her legs, and she can now walk perfectly.
  • A young girl had severe leg and waist pain for two years. After healing prayer, all the pain left, and she was healed.
  • A lady had itchy skin for some time. It was very severe, and her whole body felt itchy. During prayer, Jesus touched her, and she stopped itching.
  • A man had severe leg pain for ten years. He would sit down, and a few minutes later, he would be in extreme pain. Jesus healed him tonight, and all the pain left.”

Thank you for praying for us here in Tanzania. More to come tomorrow!


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


We have just concluded another night of meetings in Arusha and Singida, Tanzania and we witnessed the full power of the gospel in both of these cities. Thousands were saved and set free, in Jesus’ Name! God is moving and Tanzania will never be the same!

Evangelist Nathan Morris was in Arusha and Evangelist Paul Maurer was in Singida, they both preached a clear and powerful gospel message with tenacity and fire! I want to share with you their reports from tonight, and I know you will be blessed and encouraged as you read them.

Evangelist Nathan Morris: ARUSHA, TANZANIA

“My heart is full as we have just finished night two in Arusha, Tanzania. There are no words to fully describe how it feels to see the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ impacting the city of Arusha! Once again, the hunger and expectancy of these precious people was tangible as they waited for the Gospel to be preached.

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda joined the crusade tonight, and it was my honour to be alongside him and the whole CfaN team. I preached the Gospel, and once again, thousands responded to the call of salvation. Oh, how awesome it is to see the Gospel at work, for it truly is the power of God unto salvation!

The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way as we worshipped and declared healing over the people! The testimonies of the healing power of God is increasing every night! Here are just a few of the incredible miracles we heard and saw tonight.

  • After a word of knowledge that God was moving in a woman's womb and that the child would not die but live, a woman testified to having three miscarriages in the past and is currently four months pregnant. After visiting the hospital, they told her that they could not find the baby's heartbeat. With tears flowing down her face, she described coming to the meeting believing for a miracle! The power of God came upon her, and she felt her baby move for the first time! Glory to God.
  • A lady who was suffering from diabetes for over 20 years testified she was healed the first night in the field. She went to the hospital this morning after waking up feeling whole, and doctors confirmed that her sugar levels were normal.
  • A young man was healed from back problems that caused his leg to be totally numb, and he couldn't move his leg. After receiving prayer, he was running across the stage, praising God!
  • A young girl couldn't see when she came to the field tonight. God opened her eyes after six years of not being able to see.
  • A lady came to the gospel campaign tonight with crutches due to a broken ankle. After God touched her, she was dancing and running all over the stage, in Jesus name.

We give God all the glory. Please keep praying for us as we continue to reap the harvest together. We thank God for this incredible privilege. Amen”

From Evangelist Paul Maurer: SINGIDA, TANZANIA

“Before the meeting tonight I was praying in my hotel room, “Lord your Word says that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. I know there is power in the gospel. I would love to see your power manifested during the message and see demonised people get set free as I share the gospel.” Jesus answered my prayer, as this is what happened tonight! My interpreter told me that as I started preaching the word and said, “Jesus is Lord over Singida!” people began manifesting demonic spirits and were rolling around on the ground. The ushers took them to the deliverance tent, where they cast the demons out of them. This happened several times during the message. After the meeting, I went to the deliverance tent to see what was happening, and it was overflowing with people getting set free from demonic spirits!

There are a lot of Muslims that live in this city. In fact, the city is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim. My interpreter told me that he noticed many Muslims at the crusade tonight. When I came down from the stage after speaking, two Muslim women approached me and wanted prayer for their children. I noticed that one of the women had a “Now That You Are Saved” follow up booklet on her, and I asked what had happened to her tonight, and she said that she gave her life to Jesus! The other Muslim lady told me the same thing! I even heard a testimony of a Muslim that got filled with the Holy Spirit after she gave her life to Christ. When I gave the altar call tonight, thousands surrendered their lives to Jesus. There is power in the gospel! It was a night I will never forget.

  • After I preached the Word, Evangelist Joe Turnbull (who is the local crusade director and Bootcamp graduate) did a teaching on faith, prayed for the sick, and took up testimonies. We heard some incredible testimonies of the healing power of Jesus tonight!
  • A lady came to the meeting, crawling on her knees, it was very difficult for her to stand. She had a hard time keeping fluids down as well and was vomiting. Her husband came to the crusade last night and shared what God was doing. She had a dream last night that Joe Turnbull prayed for her, and in the dream, she was completely healed. Tonight when Joe prayed, she was healed of all pain and sickness, she began to run around on the stage!
  • Another lady had been suffering with pain in her stomach and leg for eight years. Jesus touched her tonight, and she was completely healed.
  • A lady had problems with her knees for 23 years and could not walk. After healing prayer, Jesus touched her, and she started to walk. She was happy at what Jesus did for her.
  • A lady had abdominal pain for two years. The pain was so bad that she would often vomit. Jesus healed her tonight, and all the pain left.
  • A lady was burned by hot oil two years ago, and she had complications because of it. She could not bend over, and she had severe pain every night. Jesus completely healed her. All the pain left, and she can now bend over.
  • Another lady had leg pain and was completely healed.

It has been such an honour to minister here as a guest evangelist at this CfaN crusade, and I’m very thankful to Evangelist Daniel Kolenda for the opportunity. There are two more crusade nights left in Singida! Please keep us in your prayers. The harvest is ripe!”

Thank you for being on this incredible journey with us! We are blessed to have your support and prayers. We have two more nights to go, please join us in believing for even greater things to come!


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


Tonight concludes Night Three of our second week of crusade meetings in Arusha and Singida but also our tenth day in Tanzania, where we’ve been preaching the gospel in multiple cities through our ‘Operation Decapolis’ initiative. You may have heard me speak about how in 2017, I felt in my heart that over the next ten years or so, God would double the number of souls saved that we had seen in the previous 30 years, to well over 150 million. And my friend, right now we are witnessing just one of the initiatives that will be implemented to fulfil this vision. It is a supernatural acceleration of the harvest in this crucial hour of history! We are praising God for all He has done the last ten days and are filled with expectancy for our last day of meetings tomorrow! Please pray for the people of Arusha and Singida, that more people will come to the meetings and be saved, healed, and delivered in Jesus’ Name!

In this Missions Journal, I will share with you the reports from Singida from Evangelists Gary Smith and Paul Maurer, along with the healing testimonies that were reported in Arusha.

From Evangelist Gary Smith: SINGIDA, TANZANIA

“The power of God filled the people of Singida, and they will never be the same again! Tonight was the third night of the four-day crusade. We started the meeting off burning more witchcraft paraphernalia and declared that Jesus was Lord over Singida! As I preached the simple message of salvation many people were set free from demons. When I gave the invitation for salvation, hands were lifted high all over the field as they raised their voices and asked Jesus to be Lord of their life. I am still in awe of all the people who have asked Jesus into their life, turning from darkness and to the glorious light! We have seen so many Muslims accepting Jesus. It is beautiful to see the smiles on their faces. Not only have we witnessed thousands of salvations, tonight we prayed for the people to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was so powerful, people all over the field were crying, shaking, speaking in tongues, and demons were coming out of people! I don’t even know how to describe in words what the Lord did tonight. I am still in awe of the Lord's goodness. He loves His people so much and wants them to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and that is what happened tonight! Glory to God! Lilliana Alvarado, a CfaN Bootcamp graduate, and I prayed for healing. When we asked the crowd if they had received healing to raise their hands, all over the field, hands were lifted high, and people were rejoicing in what the Lord had done. Here are a few of the testimonies:

  • A Muslim lady who gave her life to Christ tonight was in a lot of pain because of arm problems. She didn’t want to share publicly what happened, but it appeared that her arm was severely burned. Tonight, during prayer, she said she felt coldness go into her arm, and now all the pain was gone! Jesus healed her.
  • A lady had pain in her leg for 15 years, and she could not walk properly. After prayer, she can now lift her knees and walk. She said that Jesus completely healed her.
  • Another lady had multiple things wrong with her. She had stomach problems, and she had lots of pain in her legs and feet. She also had a tumour on her left side. During healing prayer, the tumour left, and all the pain was gone! She was completely healed.
  • A lady had pain for five years in her abdomen. The pain was very bad and so she had surgery one year ago. She said there were complications with the surgery, and the pain didn’t get any better. She said she was always in constant pain. Tonight, Jesus healed her and all the pain left.
  • Three people testified that they were in severe pain because of headaches. One lady said the headaches would get so painful that sometimes she couldn’t hear properly. One man said that his headaches were the result of witchcraft. Jesus touched all three of them, and they were all completely healed tonight.

I rejoice with the people of Singida tonight for what the Lord has done! It is such an honour to be a co-evangelist with CfaN, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, and Evangelist Paul Maurer. I would like to thank everyone for praying, fasting, and blessing CfaN financially as we continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ! The harvest is now!”

From Evangelist Paul Maurer: SINGIDA, TANZANIA

“Tonight was the third night of the crusade here in Singida. It has been amazing to witness all that Jesus is doing! Each night the crowds continue to grow, and I heard tonight that before the meeting even started, people were lining up at the deliverance tent to get special prayer from the trained counsellors. Evangelist Gary Smith preached a passionate message on the story of Zacchaeus. It was a powerful message that teaches redemption and how no one is beyond the saving power of Jesus Christ! Tonight thousands came to Jesus as Evangelist Gary gave the altar call.

There was a special prayer tonight for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. As Gary began to pray for this, the Holy Spirit began to work on the hearts of the people. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues! It was a beautiful sight to see so many filled and touched by the Holy Spirit!

There is one more night left here in Singida! So many are being touched by the power of God! Please pray for a great harvest and for Jesus to confirm His Word with signs and wonders.“

Testimonies from Arusha, Tanzania:

  • A lady with a brain tumour that had caused her continuous pain for over six years, was healed. She testified that all the pain was gone in Jesus' name.
  • A lady that had taken diabetes medication for over 20 years felt the power of God on Thursday night. She went to the doctor after the meeting and testified tonight that the doctor's report said her sugar levels were normal.
  • Another lady who had suffered from high blood pressure for ten years; was touched by God on the first night. Since then, she went to the doctor, who verified that she was healed and her pressure has been stable with no medications.
  • A man that was paralyzed on the right side of his body for the last three years from seizures was completely healed and danced along as we worshipped God for his healing.
  • A lady with asthma who had to use a breathing pump multiple times a day was healed by God on the first night and testified she hasn’t used the pump for three days.”

Tomorrow concludes our very first Operation Decapolis here in Tanzania, and we are very expectant for all that God is going to do. Thank you for your faithful support and prayer! More to come tomorrow!


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


It’s been one week since we reached the conclusion of our Decapolis outreaches, and what a glorious conclusion it was! Our team is excitedly counting the decision cards, the local churches are ushering in the new converts and discipling them, and we are praising God for all He has done and thanking you for your tremendous support!

For this Missions Journal, I want to share the report from our final night in Singida, Tanzania and tomorrow I will send my report from our crusade in Arusha.

In Singida, we had guest evangelist, Paul Maurer, preach a powerful gospel message and we had our Bootcamp graduates pray for healing and record testimonies.

Please read below reports from Evangelists Paul Maurer and Gary Smith:

From Evangelist Paul Maurer:

“Tonight the crusade drew to a glorious conclusion! People came wanting a touch from God, and the crowd grew substantially. In my message tonight, I asked the people the following question and formed my message around it: “What are you going to do with Jesus, who is called the Christ?” I said, “every man, woman, and child must answer this question in their lifetime.” At the end of my message, I gave them an opportunity to repent of their sins and make Jesus the Lord of their life, and I was amazed at the response. Many thousands raised their hand to give their life to Christ! More Muslims came to faith in Jesus tonight as well! I heard testimonies from this morning that the churches were already seeing new converts from the crusade! I love the emphasis that CfaN puts on follow-up, discipleship, and getting the people plugged into the local churches. Tonight, I noticed that the deliverance tent was again overflowing with people getting set free from demonic spirits. So many precious people received deliverance and healing this week! After I did a teaching on faith, three Bootcamp graduates (Joshua Hall, Michael-Seth Clifton and Jacob Ebersole) helped me pray for the sick, and the Lord did mighty miracles! I had a word of knowledge that tumours and growths were dissolving tonight, and it was a common theme that many tumours and growths disappeared in the name of Jesus!

To be able to minister at this crusade as a guest evangelist was the honour of a lifetime. I am so thankful to Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the entire Christ for all Nations team! They work so hard to reach the lost. This week we saw the kingdom displayed with power, and I know the city of Singida will never be the same!”

From Evangelist Gary Smith:

“Tonight was the last night of the crusade in Singida, Tanzania. The last two weeks have been absolutely incredible with thousands of salvations, miracles, and people filled with the Holy Spirit. I am leaving Singida rejoicing in all that the Lord has done. I’ve heard several testimonies from the Bishops and Pastors today who are overjoyed as many new believers joined their church this morning. This is worth every dollar spent and every day away from family, to see people saved and planted into the local church. It’s not just making converts but to make mighty disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Evangelist Paul Maurer preached an incredible and powerful message tonight. Around 15,000 were in attendance tonight as the meetings grew in attendance from night to night. When Evangelist Paul Maurer asked for those who wanted to ask Jesus to be Lord of their life, hands were raised all over the field. Again tonight, as with the past three nights, many Muslims were in attendance and asked Jesus into their life - Glory to God! There is such sweet joy in the people in the city of Singida. People did not want to leave the field once the service was over. The hunger of the people to receive more from the Lord is something you cannot describe. Family members were bringing me pictures and clothing items; they were even praying over the phone for their loved ones.

As I sit in my room tonight, I reflect on the faces of the people...night after night, they race through my mind...I see them encountering the Lord. It reminds me of the day I met my Lord and Saviour! A day the people of Tanzania will never forget.

Jacob Ebersole, Michael-Seth Clifton and Joshua Hall, three of the evangelism Bootcamp graduates, prayed for healing tonight, and many were healed. Here are some of the testimonies:

  • A lady had a growth on her neck for two years, and after healing prayer, it is now completely gone! She had much pain and could not eat well or swallow. Now there is no more pain! She easily took a drink of water and without pain.
  • A lady had a tumour on her left breast. She felt power passing through her body as she was healed. Since 2010 the tumour has caused her much pain. She now cannot find the tumour and has no more pain!
  • Another lady was healed of a chest problem. She used many different medicines, but none worked. She had terrible pain in her chest for two years, and tonight was the first time she was without pain.
  • A lady had pain in her left side and back for two years. On the first day of the crusade Evangelist Daniel Kolenda told the crowd to check their body, and when she checked her body, she was able to move in previously impossible ways. Yesterday she worked for the first time in two years and was very happy. Tonight she said God had completed her healing, and now she has no pain.
  • A man with a leg injury for three months received healing on the second day of the crusade. He says his foot felt like it was on fire and had much pain before the crusade, and he could not walk. Tonight he jumped on the stage with no pain at all!
  • A lady was healed of a leg injury of ten years! She was here the first day of the crusade, but tonight she was completely healed of the pain in her leg! She felt a blessing over her when we prayed. Both legs were hurting, but tonight she has walked and moved with no pain!
  • A lady broke her arm and could not move her wrist or arm, but yesterday she was healed and able to carry her baby for the first time. She felt a cold go into her hand and all the pain left!
  • A lady had pain in her legs for 17 years! She had swelling in her legs and had much pain, but tonight all the swelling went down, and she felt a rushing cold go into her legs when we prayed. Tonight all the pain has gone in both legs, and she danced on stage!
  • A lady (wearing the covering of a Muslim) named Loveness was born with intense pain in her back, stomach, and head! Tonight she was completely healed, and all the pain has left her body! Before, she could not bend over, but tonight she demonstrated that she could now bend and move with no pain at all! She came as a Muslim, but tonight she has received Jesus! She shouted on stage, “Jesus is Lord!”
  • An older lady named Moshi Shabani came with terrible pain in her head since 1989. “I came in with my head so heavy, but now I feel so light!” Her body felt relaxed when she felt a rushing, cold wind over her body and all the pain left her! She danced on stage and rejoiced. She shouted, “hallelujah!”

Wow! Look at what the Lord has done! I shout out a mighty HALLELUJAH!! As we give all the Glory and honour to the Lord!”

Look out for tomorrow’s final Missions Journal on our last night in Arusha, Tanzania!

This is all possible because of you!

Thank you!

Yours in the Gospel,


Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team