Get Moving

Bible Series: 
Taking Action

We are usually all too aware of our inadequacies and deficiencies. The best way to address these issues is to begin to move forward. Momentum and motion will make everything in your life easier to steer. As you move forward, you’ll discover what really needs your attention, you’ll be incentivised to deal with it urgently, you’ll make the needed adjustments, and you’ll be able to empirically gauge your progress. You’ll discover that many of your previous concerns were nonsense and that you had never even considered many of the real issues you needed to confront.

Jack Canfield, the very successful businessman and author, wrote about this secret in his best-selling book The Success Principles: “Successful people have a bias for action. Most successful people I know have a low tolerance for excessive planning and talking about it. They are antsy to get going. They want to get started. They want the games to begin... Planning has its place, but it must be kept in perspective. Some people spend their whole lives waiting for the perfect time to do something. There’s rarely a ‘perfect’ time to do anything. What is important is to just get started. Get into the game. Get on the playing field. Once you do, you will start to get feedback that will help you make the corrections you need to make to be successful.”

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