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How Do I Recognise God's Will?

Why are we still here? Jesus died on the cross two thousand years ago and completed the work of salvation 'once for all.' So why doesn't He just rapture all of us so we can be with Him? One man told me that we are all just waiting for Jesus to build our mansions in heaven. I thought to myself, 'It took Him only six days to create the entire universe. Can your mansion really be that difficult?'

The journey is an important process that matters very much to God.

If I were that guy and I thought my mansion in heaven was the only thing delaying the coming of the Lord, I would be praying, 'Lord, forget the mansion. Just come and get me out of here!' And why wouldn't the omniscient God have thought ahead and had those mansions already prepared? There is obviously something else going on here. It seems clear that God is interested not only in our final destination but also in the journey because on that journey He does a work in our lives that has eternal value.

As a father of wonderful young children I can tell you that when kids get into a vehicle, they have only one thing on their minds'” arriving at their destination. Five minutes into a five-hour road trip my kids will begin asking, 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?' And the incessant inquiry will not abate until we have arrived.

This is how many of us are when it comes to God's will for our lives. We just want to get there already. We want to hear the little GPS unit say, 'You have arrived.' But in most cases there is a great deal of time that elapses between when God calls us and when we have fulfilled His will for our lives. What we need to understand is that the journey is an important process that matters very much to God. The process of following Him in obedience, step by step, through many unknowns, trials, and difficulties, is a significant part of our development and preparation.

God always prepares us in advance for what He has in store for us!

One day a little boy happened upon a butterfly trying to break out of its cocoon. The little boy decided to help the struggling butterfly, but after tearing the cocoon open, he discovered that the butterfly inside was shrivelled and weak'”so frail, in fact, that it soon died. What the little boy did not realise is that pushing against the cocoon was a necessary part of the butterfly's development. Without the struggle the cocoon provided, the butterfly would not have the strength to survive when it emerged.

God uses the journey to teach us faith, to refine our character, and to equip us for the greater challenges that lie ahead. 'If you have raced with men on foot and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses?' (Jer. 12:5, amp). In most cases, without the journey, we would not be ready to step into the fullness of what God has for us. The journey is not just necessary for fulfilling God's will for our lives. It is in many ways an integral part of God's will for our lives.

In fact, even if you are in the process of seeking God's will right now, you are actually already fulfilling a part of it. God promises in Psalm 32:8 to 'instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go.' My friend, don't make the mistake of thinking, even for a moment, that just because you don't know today what God's will is for your life that you are not making any progress. Something is happening right now. Your faith is being stretched, and your patience is being tried. Your spiritual ears are being tuned as you listen to hear the voice of God's Spirit. You are confronting doubts and questions. You may be going through a great struggle, but that struggle is all part of the process of birthing all God wants to do in your life. God always prepares us in advance for what He has in store for us! That process may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary nonetheless. Get ready. Good things are coming for you!

How does this fit in with where you are on the journey? Do you feel that God is interested in your journey or more interested in your destination? Are you in that place of stuggle where God is birthing something in your life? How do see God refining you at this moment in your life? Comment back below and let us know.

God has a plan for everyone.
Do you know yours?

This Bible Study has been taken from Chapter 3 of Daniel Kolenda's book, LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE, which is not only a 'wake up call' for you but also offers practical and scriptural insights on how you can discover and fulfil God's will for your life.

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