The Magi’s Gifts

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The Message of the Magi

Ephesians 1:3 says that God has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing IN CHRIST! Jesus is the package that contains every blessing of God!

It reminds me of the story of a very wealthy man who was the heir of several generations of wealthy men who had come before him. Each subsequent generation had increased the family fortune through various investments. This particular man had invested in art. In fact, he had the most valuable private holding in the world: Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet, Dali… you name it; he had it. Every priceless piece was enshrined in his exquisite art gallery located in the mansion on his massive estate.

One day, the man met a beautiful woman; they fell in love and were married. Not long after, the woman got pregnant with their first child. Everything was like a fairytale until the terrible day when she died giving birth to a son.

The mother had died in childbirth before giving her husband any other children, so it was just the two of them – the father and the son. They were inseparable. It’s hard to express how much this father loved his son. They spent their days together and enjoyed every moment.

Soon, as happens to all children, the son grew up. He wanted to take over the family business one day, but thought he should get some life experience first. So, he joined the military and was soon shipped off to war. 

Even though the son was thousands of miles away, he stayed close to his father through the letters that he would write every few days. When the letters would arrive, the butler would hand deliver them to the father knowing that he was waiting eagerly for every one. 

One day the butler came into the father’s study, holding one of the familiar envelopes from the battlefield. The father took the letter excitedly but instantly noticed that this time something was different. It was not his son’s personal details on the parcel written in his familiar handwriting. This letter was from the commander. The father’s hand began to tremble as he pulled out the small piece of paper and read the words he dreaded most. “Dear Sir, we regret to inform you that your son has been killed in the line of duty…” The father fell on his knees sobbing.

For weeks he was overcome with grief not knowing how to go on. Finally, one day the father had an idea. He commissioned a local artist to paint a portrait of the son. He rearranged his art gallery to make room for it. Right in the middle of the gallery, set higher than all other paintings, hung the portrait that the father entitled, “The Son.” Out of all the priceless works of art, The Son was the father’s favourite, and he would make a special trip to the gallery everyday to look at it and remember.

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