The Magi’s Gifts

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The Message of the Magi

The years went by. The father grew old and soon died. Since there were no living heirs, the estate was to be auctioned. The day of the auction arrived. Wealthy investors, especially art collectors from around the world arrived to secure their prize piece of the estate. 

The auctioneer opened by announcing that they would begin with the piece entitled, “The Son.” The name of the artist was unknown, and the restless buyers stirred impatiently as the auctioneer started. “We will start the bidding at $1,000. Can I get $1,000?” At the back of the crowd, one hand went into the air. It was the butler. He was not a wealthy man and could never afford the Picasso's or Rembrandt’s, but they were of no interest to him. It was this portrait of his master’s son that he wanted. He had seen the son grow from a little boy into a man and had come to love him as his own. “I’ll give $1000,” he said. The auctioneer continued, “Can I get $1,500?” No hands went up. “Can I get $1,200? $1,100?” By now the wealthy buyers were mumbling and complaining. This is not what they had come for. They were waiting for the prized pieces, and the auctioneer was wasting their valuable time with this worthless portrait. “Going once, going twice…sold!” The gavel came down. The butler went forward to claim his purchase. 

Then the auctioneer announced, “And with that purchase this auction comes to a conclusion. Thank you all for coming out today.” The wealthy collectors began to shout, “Wait a minute! What about the paintings, the cars, the house, the property? What about the rest of the estate?” The auctioneer explained, “I’m sorry to disappoint you all, but there was a very specific instruction in the father’s will regarding the sale of his possessions. He said that in the auction, we should start by offering “The Son,” and whoever takes The Songets everything."

Romans 8:32 says, “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?” Christ is the ultimate gift. Not only because He is more valuable than all others, but because in Him, God has given everything else as well.

Think about it…the baby, born in that manger, was Heaven’s treasure – God’s gift to mankind. “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…” This is why we celebrate Christmas and that is the message of the Magi.


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