For such a time as this

Bible Series: 
The Kingdom Comes First

I’ve seen people drop hundreds of dollars at restaurants and on senseless entertainment, but when the offering plate goes around, they immediately begin to moan and complain. “All they do is ask for money in this church,” they say. And when they do give a few dollars to the Lord, they feel they have been very generous. But the money in our bank accounts is not ours—it all belongs to God to begin with. He is not only the source of all our provision, but He is also the One who has given us the ability to create wealth. God hasn’t blessed us so we can consume those resources on our own lusts and pleasures; He has blessed us so we can be a blessing. That is the reason we have those resources in the first place! If you aren’t willing to bless God’s kingdom with a cheerful heart, don’t be surprised if He takes those means and gives them to someone who will be a good steward.

If God has entrusted you with money, you must realise that you are not the terminus; you are a channel through which those resources should flow. Yes, when water flows through a pipe, the pipe also gets wet! When God’s blessings flow through you, you are also blessed personally, but never make the mistake of thinking you are blessed because you are so special or wonderful, intelligent or talented. As Mordecai said to Esther, “Don’t flatter yourself!” You are not any better than the poorest beggar in the lowliest gutter. God has not blessed you because He loves you more than anyone else. He’s blessed you for a purpose, and your fulfilling that purpose is not a side issue—it’s the reason you have those blessings in the first place! If you won’t do what God has called you to do, He will find someone else who will do it with joy!


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