Taking Action

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Taking Action
In the Christian world many people spend their whole lives waiting for God to do something for them. They talk about waiting for God’s timing or provision; they are looking for God to “make a way,” “open doors,” and give “divine appointments.” Although there will certainly be situations in life when we need to wait for the Lord, many times (perhaps even most times, if we are honest) the real underlying reason for our inaction is far less spiritual than we would like to believe. In the secular world people have the same hang-up, except instead of “waiting for God” they are waiting for “the right moment” or “the perfect opportunity.” For saint and sinner alike these perfect moments almost never come.

I was talking with a young woman recently who wants to attend a certain Bible college. With whimsical indifference she told me she wasn’t sure when she would go. She said there were quite a number of obstacles in her way (mostly financial), and she believed that if it was really God’s will, He would “prepare the way” for her. In other words, she thought that if she was really supposed to attend this Bible college, God would solve all of her problems, pay all of her bills, and roll out a red carpet for her. This kind of thinking makes me want to stand on a table and scream!

Where is the urgency? Where is the passion? Where is the chutzpah? If you want God to part the sea for you, but you are not even willing to get your toes wet, you are living in a fantasy world— this is simply not the way it works. Even when God is fully in something and has ordained it, He rarely arranges all the aspects of our lives so that everything is perfect and easy. On the contrary, in many cases God’s will for your life will seem like the more difficult path, and it will have to be pursued with real determination. Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matt. 11:12). God is looking for the burning-hearted, not the faint-hearted.

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