What If I've Been Waiting for a Long Time? (Part 1)

I want to speak to two different groups of people: I want to address those who have been seeking God’s will for a long time but have not yet discovered it, and I want to speak to those who feel they know what God’s will is but have been waiting a long time to see it fulfilled. First, for those of you who have been seeking God’s will for a long time but have not discovered it, I have a challenge, a question, and an encouragement.

It is important to realise that there is a big difference between seeking God’s will and just waiting for something to happen. The word seek implies action, not passivity. Those who are seeking God’s will are actively asking for God’s direction, looking for opportunities to serve, helping others fulfil their God-given visions, and being faithful wherever they find themselves at the moment (as we discussed in the previous chapter). You need to examine your heart in honesty before God and ask yourself, in light of these things, whether you are truly seeking God’s will for your life or if you’re just waiting for a “lucky break.” There is a big difference. If you can honestly say you are actively seeking God’s will as outlined above but still have not discovered it, there are two things I would say to you.

Is it possible that you have already discovered God’s will for your life but have not been willing to recognise it as such? Sometimes people miss something that is right in front of them because what they are looking for does not appear the way they expected it to. Maybe you are looking for a big ministry and worldwide recognition, but instead the Lord wants you to work behind the scenes. Be open to the possibility that what God has for you might not look the way you expected it to and that’s why you haven’t found it yet. If this is the case, don’t be discouraged. If you trust God and follow His will wherever it leads, you will find that in the end you will be much happier than if you had gotten what you originally wanted. Your Father knows best. If you are confident that you are not failing to recognise God’s will, then let me encourage you to keep seeking with all your heart.

If you are still actively seeking God’s will for your life, don’t become frustrated; just keep on seeking and you will surely find it. Don’t allow the enemy to plant seeds of discouragement or doubt in your heart. Just become more and more determined, and with childlike audacity keep seeking until you find it.