CfaN Worship UK

Since 2012 CfaN Worship UK has been on a journey of seeing a vision from God turn into reality. 

As each stage of this journey unfolds it is obvious that God's hand is in this.  Over the last six years CfaN Worship UK lead worship at various events across the UK including the CfaN Fire Conferences and In His Presence ministry nights. One of the defining characteristics of the group is the sense of God's presence during their services leading to healing, salvation, restoration...

CfaN Worship UK consists of a dynamic group of people in unity from varying streams of Christianity - each serving in their local church. The group is headed up by CfaN UK Director Mark Oakes.

Recently they released their first album 'Breath of God', a worship experience containing 14 tracks with 11 original songs written as an expression of what God is doing.  The response to this album has been encouraging with testimonies of people experiencing God while listening to it.  You can listen to some of the tracks and purchase the album from our resources page.

CfaN Worship UK minister at In His Presence and other events. To see their schedule view the events page.



  1. Arise
  2. Burn
  3. Breath of God
  4. Waiting Here for You
  5. I Believe
  6. No Greater Love
  7. Create In Me
  8. On Our Knees
  9. Fall Afresh
  10. I Love Your Presence
  11. Daniel Kolenda (Prayer)
  12. Quiet
  13. His Love
  14. What Great Hope

The album is available from the CfaN Resources store.


The album is also available as a digital download on the following services: