"Contrary to what many people believe, God does not reward us based on how many people we lead to Jesus. He rewards us based on our obedience and faithfulness to His call and will" - Daniel Kolenda, Live before you Die.

The heart cry of CfaN is to be obedient to God's will and call and YOUR gift will help to ensure that TOGETHER we see God's will done, to see the great commission worked out, to see disciples made of the nations, the gospel preached, the sick healed, the captives set free.


Together we will testify to the fact that lives have been transformed of people who are living in desperate circumstances, because we stood together in obedience and faithfulness to God's call and will.  



and HELPING us in the Harvest Fields of Africa,

Evangelists Daniel Kolenda & Reinhard Bonnke

To everyone who becomes a new Monthly Ministry Partner during 2018 with a minimum donation of £15 or more per month, we are excited to send a 'Monthly Ministry Partner Resource Bundle' to you.

During the course of the first 12 months of supporting Christ for all Nations monthly, you will receive a copy of Full Flame DVD, Live Before You Die, Breath of God, Experiencing God and Holy Ground.  Resources will be dispatched quarterly after your first month's gift has been received. 

In order to receive your 'Monthly Ministry Partner Resource Bundle' simply tick the box to indicate that you would like to receive it when you complete your monthly support details in the Donate Now section.

Free Resources are:  Holy Ground - This DVD album will take you to the heart of our African Campaigns.  You can worship with Daniel Kolenda and the people of Ghana with timeless songs of worship.  Full Flame DVD - If you've ever dreamed of doing something great for God, but weren't sure of the qualifications needed, Full Flame answers your questions watch this cinematic experience of film and teaching from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Live Before You Die - Evangelist Daniel Kolenda will show you what it means to wake up to God's will for your life and live an effective and meaningful Christian life.  Breath of God -  Join our worship team for a powerful worship experience in an album recently recorded. Experiencing God -  Empower your relationship with Christ with this inspirational DVD where Daniel Kolenda and Eric Gilmour discuss experiencing God.

*please note that should any campaign reach it's budgeted target, any monies received will be used for equally important CfaN Gospel Campaigns or Evangelistic endeavours we are undertaking