Devotions with George Miller

Once a month in the UK office we'll be hosting devotions led by different Christian leaders. We are opening up these devotions to our partners and would love for you to join us.

Devotions offer an opportunity to have ‘an intimate look at the word of God’, a place of prophetic input and teaching, a place to worship God with members of the CfaN team, and for you to receive personal ministry.  You can also fellowship with other believers and those who have a committed interest in evangelism.

In September George Miller the Founder and President of Reconciliation Ministries International will be leading our devotion.

This devotion will be taking place on September 12th from 11am-1pm at our UK office.

Please note for visitors there will be light refreshments after the devotion. If you are coming please call our office on 0121 602 2000 and let us know.

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Speakers & Special Guests

George Miller

George Miller is an International Evangelist, hundreds have come to faith in Christ and hundreds healed through his ministry in many countries. His ministry has been tried and tested and has stood the test for over 40 years.

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Lara Martin Devotions

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Shiela Stone was invited to speak at CfaN devotions on 7th March 2017. Shiela shared about developing the Gifts of the Spirit in our lives ensuring that we tend our spiritual growth.

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