In His Presence - Wolverhampton

Soon we will be in Wolverhampton for our 'In His Presence' worship evening. If you have been with us before, you will know exactly how God has moved at these meetings with signs, wonders and miracles. We expect the same and more this October!

In His Presence ministry events carry the miraculous power and presence of God so often recognised in the ministry of CfaN globally, lives are transformed, circumstances changed and breakthrough is achieved.

Speakers & Special Guests

CfaN Worship UK

CfaN Worship UK‘s defining character is the sense of God’s presence during their services leading to healing, salvation and restoration.

Doors open at 6pm and the main event will start at 7pm.

VIP buffet will begin at 5pm, we recommend you arrive for 4:45pm.

Event info

All Nations,
Temple Street,
Wolverhampton, WV2 4AQ

The presence of God in that meeting was divine, we praised and worshipped and the power of the Holy Spirit was all around us. I had an encounter with Jesus that I will never forget.

from an In His Presence event

I wasn't sure what to expect, as a new Christian I hadn't been to anything like this before... wow totally blown away and filled with the Holy Spirit

from an In His Presence event

Such an amazing night at the CfaN In His Presence event, just so blown away as Heaven opened over us, many healed and set free from all sorts tonight, got to pray with a number of those needing healing, the worship group just bought Heaven down thank you Papa

from an In His Presence event

I had the skin infection (Eczema) on my face for several weeks, and received advice and treatment from four doctors and a skin specialist which made little difference. I was determined and desperate to be healed and I didn't have to wait long! Jesus healed me at the first meeting.

from Fire 2014

It was an AMAZING evening... a great message… excellent Praise & Worship… thank you… we were most definitely 'In His Presence'... I went up for prayer in great pain, walking lopsided. I had an ongoing back problem of 5 years and sat on a stool that collapsed just over a week ago leaving me more painful than ever. I was about to call my hospital consultant to get checked, but have had enough of medication that cause even more problems. I walked away (after prayer at In His Presence) MUCH less painful, walking straight and light, this morning I am still good and moving much easier. I was also feeling very down and my mood is now really good. I PRAISE GOD & THANK YOU JESUS FOR LOVING ME THIS MUCH.

from an In His Presence event

Since 2006 I not only had stomach problems, but had been allergic to all foods which have additives and preservatives in them. My GP had said that there was no cure, I would just have to get used to it. Well yesterday, my stomach feeling unusually 'normal' - it's hard to explain - I decided to try and eat a sandwich. Two slices of bread usually causes a reaction that ends in unconsciousness and so I had to wait until I had nothing to do in order to try this experiment! The result was no adverse reaction - so I did the same this morning - 2 slices of toast - no adverse reaction and no usual bowel problems or bouts of unconsciousness. So folks, I can now truly declare that after 7 years of problems I am healed. Praise God!

from an In His Presence event

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