Zoom Partner Meetings

What is a CfaN Zoom Meeting?

A place to connect with a Christ for all Nations representative, get detailed updates on our ministry work in Africa and all over the World, have an intimate look at the word of God, a place of prophetic input, teaching and receive ministry.  You can also fellowship with other believers and those who have a committed interest in evangelism.

What others said:

"I found it very refreshing to be part of a Partner call. A great way to keep us all updated and answer the many questions that often circulate my mind when reading the postal letters. Hearing from you all direct also brings these letters to life!" - Ms J, London

"The meeting was great as it helps partners, especially here in the UK, feel better connected to the ministry." - Mr V - London

"It was great to see so many people who share a common passion and purpose come together.  I like the fact that CfaN wants to involve us and hear from partners too.  The testimonies of lives impacted through CfaN's ministry who were on the call was inspiring." - Mark - London

March Afternoon Meeting with David Chambers Tuesday, 9th Mar at 2pm.

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March Evening Meeting with David Chambers Thursday, 11th Mar at 7pm.

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