Wilderness Survival Guide Study Series

What does the Bible teach about how to handle the most difficult times in life?

In  EVANGELIST DANIEL KOLENDA’s FREE, 14-PART, EMAIL SERIES, “WILDERNESS SURVIVAL GUIDE,”  you will learn practical, spiritual, survival skills and strong, scriptural insights that will help you make it through your wilderness into your land of Destiny. This free, email-series is based on his popular book, “WILDERNESS SURVIVAL GUIDE,” where Daniel Kolenda shares on how Jesus can bring you through your "wilderness" times and experience the power of the Holy Spirit. In this unique and insightful series, you will learn why we experience wilderness times and how we should respond to them.

If you are experiencing a season of dryness, loneliness and emptiness, WILDERNESS SURVIVAL GUIDE, will help turn it into a season of fulfilment, destiny and promise. It will look to the Bible as a spiritual "Survival Guide" for the desert — the supreme source of wisdom both for enduring the wilderness, as well as navigating safely through it to God's promised destination.

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