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Bootcamp Spring 2021 - Blog

CfaN's Evangelism Bootcamp is an intensive 3-month training course specialising in evangelism. Students come from all over the world to be immersed in this one-of-a-kind training from the world's top evangelists. This is an integral part of CfaN's strategy for multiplication and collaboration - turning people with a passion and vision for world evangelism into experienced evangelists.

At the end of the extremely intense 3-month course, the students spend three weeks in Africa for their Bootcamp Initiation Trip, putting their practical and spiritual apprenticeship into action.

27th April - First week complete - CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp

The first week of the CfaN Initiation trip is complete! Challenges were overcome and thousands responded to the Gospel. Watch this recap from Morogoro, one of five cities where CfaN Bootcamp students are ministering.

26th April - While many take the Gospel for granted, over 90 CfaN Bootcamp students are preaching the Gospel in Tanzania to thousands of people who have never heard it before. Please pray for them and a harvest of souls!


22nd April - After hours of travelling and multiple flights, the students arrived for their Initiation Trip!

Our Spring 2021 Bootcamp students have only just arrived in Tanzania – and already we are seeing a tsunami of outstanding testimonies flooding the social media feeds! We are so excited to share with you what God is doing through over 90 fiery, enthusiastic evangelists. For three months, they’ve been building up a mighty “charge” of Holy Spirit energy and motivation. They couldn’t wait to get to Tanzania and get going with their mission for their 3-week Initiation Trip!

Each Bootcamp student knows exactly why they’re there, what their purpose is – what God has called them to do! Preach the unadulterated Gospel, pray for the sick, and lead people straight into the arms of Jesus. Here’s just the tiniest glimpse of the amazing stories that are pouring in, from the Bootcamp students themselves…

The best is yet to come!

It is literally only the first week of Bootcamp Initiation, and we are so encouraged to be witnesses to this tremendous move of God. On the highways and byways, in villages and marketplaces, in towns and jails and wherever the people are – Jesus is ALWAYS the same!

Please continue to pray without ceasing for the Bootcamp Initiation, as well as the CfaN team. We cannot do this great work without your love and support. In fact, YOU are an integral part of this ministry, and these testimonies are only possible because you have helped us to go to the nations. Thank you! We love you.

Africa shall be saved!

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(with the Bootcamp students and the whole CfaN team)

22nd - April - "Not today, devil!"

The day started a little rocky. Wet weather made the roads a slippery mess. Our minivan struggled to gain traction as it lurched down the road to the location for the Kids’ Outreach. The driver struggled to understand our team captain. The GPS struggled to find our position. The enemy was making an all-out assault to prevent children from hearing the Gospel. We prayed and let the devil know: “Not today!”

The first outreach went well. We saw many children reach their hands in the air for salvation and to receive The Holy Spirit. After the prayer of salvation, the song “One Way Jesus” rang through the hills of Tanzania! Children lined up to receive their copy of “What’s Next?” (follow-up literature for children)”. We had the opportunity to pray for several deaf children. We were also able to share with several of the adults and asked them to continue to disciple the children. The Holy Spirit protected and empowered us today to preach the Gospel in the middle of bad weather, muddy roads, and the Muslim holiday of Ramadan. We packed our gear and lurched out on the muddy roads once again to go and preach the Gospel.

Phillip Anderson

21st April - We reached over 2,958 youth for our Children’s Gospel Campaign in Tanzania.

20th April - The CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp students have all arrived in Tanzania!


19th April - 25 of the 95 Evangelist who just arrived in Tanzania for the 3 week intense Bootcamp initiation!

16th April - Sarah Nyanzi from London

Being trained as an effective evangelist at Bootcamp has been the biggest blessing of my life. I have learned to preach the Gospel to everybody, have an effective ministry and love Jesus with all my heart.

I am more inspired to get in the word of God to know Jesus more. I have made friends for a lifetime and I believe the Lord has equipped and continues to equip me for ministry in the UK. This experience has been and continues to be life-changing.

15th April - Jako & Karin Hugo

Last week of Bootcamp classes! Jako and Karin Hugo, who have served with CfaN for over 12 years and are powerful evangelists, taught our students how to preach a simple gospel message to children. Right now they are on their way to Tanzania as part of the Bootcamp Initiation trip. Keep them in your prayers!

14th April - "Virginnia from Manchester UK"

I came to the Bootcamp to be sharpened in my evangelistic calling! I have a calling to go into the darkest of places with the Gospel, with a specific call to the 10/40 window.  So, I came here wanting to learn to be sharpened in this!

Yes, I have been trained in the practicalities of preaching the Gospel, crusade evangelism! Whenever I see the masses of souls, my heart burns and tears flood my eyes - I think of the millions yet to hear the name, Jesus! 

Daniel Kolenda and other powerful evangelists have been pouring their experiences, knowledge and expertise into our lives for the past few months! I have received an impartation and I am burning for the Gospel in a new way!

I have been drawn into deeper intimacy with Jesus, which has impacted the fruit I see in my ministry. I am excited for the thousands of souls that will come into the kingdom in Tanzania in the next few weeks! Apply for Bootcamp Today >

12th April - Jay Smith, UK Bootcamp Student

My 3 months at Bootcamp has been such an incredible experience. I have learnt the nuts and bolts of mass gospel campaigns from one of the best evangelistic ministries in the world. It has been extremely practical and helpful.

It is through this Bootcamp that I have learnt the art of communication, message preparation, alter calls, voice projection and most of all the importance of walking close with Jesus every moment of our lives, even in the midst of being extremely busy. This has prepared me well for a lifetime of mass evangelism and I'm excited to see multitudes come to Jesus as a result.  

CfaN is incredibly passionate to see evangelists be and stay connected, and walk out our calls together, as a unit, as a family, with the incredible vision to see the 'Decade of Double Harvest' come to pass. I am truly excited for everything the Lord is about to do across the world in these next 10 years.

9th April - "Your identity is not in performance"

Only two weeks remain for the spring, Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp! Evangelist Paul Maurer addressed students about his Gospel Campaign experience and the importance of how "Your identity is not in performance."

1st April - Jared Horton teaches on how to preach with an interpreter!

Recently, Evangelist Jared Horton taught a class on how to preach with an interpreter at the Christ for all Nations Evangelism Bootcamp. Students from around the world translated for each other and implemented what they learned.

28th March - Bootcamp student: Kaisa Koistinen

So much has happened recently but the biggest news right now is that in about 3 weeks we’ll all fly to Tanzania for our Bootcamp Initiation Outreach Trip. For three weeks, we will be sharing the gospel with thousands of people all over the country, preaching on gospel trucks in marketplaces and doing one-on-one evangelism.

We are expecting to see thousands of salvations during this time! In addition to this, I’m very excited to announce that I was selected to be a part of the Decapolis Internship that will take place right after the Bootcamp Initiation Trip. This means I‘ll be staying 5 extra weeks in Tanzania and help organise the CfaN campaign in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, taking place in June.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m so thankful to GOD and CfaN and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda for this incredible chance to learn, grow and take steps forward in my calling! During the last couple of weeks, I’ve experienced also many other very exciting things. We’ve had preaching workshops, evangelistic outreaches in Orlando, mind-blowing teachings by the best of the best, CfaN annual Planning Meeting, Nations Church events, and lots of different get-togethers to name a few.

23 March - We train students on the practicalities of open-air preaching

In the evangelism Bootcamp we train students on the practicalities of open-air preaching, even offering vocal coaching. The pics are of students standing on picnic tables outside our office practicing. In a few days they will be preaching to thousands in Africa. This is the real deal!!  If you’re called to evangelism, apply today for this fall.

22nd March - The Decade of Double Harvest is underway!

When God gives a big vision, He also gives the “how”. How do we get to the milestone of 150 million souls by the end of this decade? How do we make it happen?

When Daniel Kolenda asked that question of the Lord, the answer was, “Multiplication and collaboration.” And Bootcamp – CfaN’s intensive 3-month evangelism training programme – is an integral, vital part of seeing this vision come to fruition. In Daniel’s words:

“If you think that this number, 150 million, sounds unbelievable, I don't blame you. Of course, these are enormous numbers. Yet these numbers were not the most exciting thing that the Lord showed me. I believe that God will use CfaN in the next ten years to initiate the biggest worldwide evangelistic movement in history. Thousands of men and women will rise up like Reinhard Bonnke and proclaim the Gospel all over the world before Jesus returns.”

With the goal of training at least 2,000 effective, fiery, passionate evangelists by 2030, there is no time to lose! These evangelists, filled with the Holy Spirit and burning to save the lost, are key to this multiplication vision. So how is CfaN working to ready this new generation of soul-winners?

22nd March
Levi Lutz - CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp Director
Train, Equip, Send

Where do the Bootcamp students come from?

This year, we have just over 100 students, twice as many as 2020. They are 60% international (40% from the USA), so we have people from all over the world. It’s a mixed group of men and women, and all ages from early twenties right up to seventies. Some have many years of ministry experience, and some are brand new to the mission field.

What’s a day like at Bootcamp?

It’s intense! After getting up, they spend about an hour and a half in prayer, led by Eric Gilmour. Then they typically have two sessions from some of the absolute best soul-winners and evangelists pouring into them. It’s at a really high level, both the spiritual and the practical, on how to have a successful evangelistic campaign ministry. And it’s seven days a week. Last year’s course was 6 months. This year, we’ve squeezed the same material into 3 months. The pace is relentless.

What is the aim of the training?

We want to equip these people to the level of being a lead evangelist. We want them to get to the point where, if you dropped them off anywhere in the world, they would begin to win souls, then all the way up to mobilising churches and mass campaign evangelism.

What does “practical” training mean?

It’s literally everything they’ll need, from how to pack a suitcase so your clothes don’t wrinkle, how to navigate airports, all the way to spending time behind the scenes working closely with CfaN staff in every department. We want them to understand how to organise events, how to run a ministry with integrity and efficiency, everything they need to be effective evangelists.

How do they practice what they’re learning?

There are outreaches happening all the time. Weekend outreaches on Friday and Saturday nights are intense. They’re going into bars and clubs downtown here in Orlando, preaching the Gospel to the last, the least and the lost. But in addition to the planned outreaches, these guys are unstoppable! They’re going out in the week in their own time. Recently, with just an hour of off time, some students decided to go out and have an “hour of power” – and 38 souls were saved! Every weekend, we’re seeing at least a hundred people saved.

21st March
Evangeline Vandenberg
Bootcamp Mentors

During Bootcamp, every student is matched with a mentor, someone with ministry experience and insight who can help them grow. Evangeline Vandenberg the wife of CfaN’s Vice President, is a seasoned minister with decades of experience and now a mentor to Bootcamp students, passing on her knowledge and spiritual understanding. What does that entail?

"I see listening as the most important gift I can give someone who I am mentoring. In this way, I seek to build trust by showing that I am truly interested in her personal story and journey. Very often the student is full of zeal but lacks clarity. By asking appropriate questions I help them express their own thinking and goals. 

And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" – Romans 10:15

My job is not to teach but to help them to process the “steak” they receive from their excellent lecturers. Sometimes this means helping them to unlearn old spiritual thinking in order to build new principles into their lives for the ministry they feel called to.

I pray earnestly for a “second ear” so that I can be sensitive to heart/character issues. Living in a community for the first time (as it sometimes is for a student) can reveal things in themselves that have never been confronted. This can be painful but is a vital part of maturing. Though mentoring is initially part of the Bootcamp experience, it sometimes gives rise to an ongoing relationship in which the new minister has the resource of experience at their disposal. I want them to know they are not alone! 

Finally – mentoring demands humility from both parties.  For me it is the spiritual equivalent of washing the feet of these “called” ones, removing the dust that their journey has accumulated so far, in preparation for running boldly with the Gospel. I can think of no greater honour at this stage of my life.”

20th March
Kaisa Koistinen – current Bootcamp student
Beyond my hopes! A Bootcamp student’s perspective

Kaisa has had her own ministry for more than 20 years and has already conducted countless outreaches with thousands of visitors. But after attending a one-week School of Evangelism in 2020, she felt God telling her that it was of the utmost importance that she apply to Bootcamp. She is currently one of the 2021 Bootcamp evangelists-in-training.

“It was the first day of orientation, and I was already overwhelmed with finding out all we would be learning, receiving and doing. It was far beyond my hopes and imagination. It’s like a multi-faceted diamond. You can get so much. It depends on you, how much you are willing to put in, how much time and effort you give. You can get a whole lot if you become active in every possible area, beyond just the compulsory classes and activities.

Within the Bootcamp 2021 group, there is such an amazing dynamic. Imagine being in the same room with 100 people, all with the same passion, the same drive to see the lost come to Jesus. When we’re together, it’s all about souls. It’s almost tangible. And I know that God is putting me together with people I will be connected with for many years to come, ministering together, encouraging one another.

My internship with CfaN during Bootcamp means I am the assistant to Roselyne Ayeola, (Bootcamp Administrator), working with her before school begins and after hours. I know that God placed me there for a reason, and it’s an incredible opportunity to serve practically. There is an unbelievable amount of admin to run a Bootcamp, and I am learning so much. I am so excited to soon be on the ground for Decapolis in Tanzania, helping to organise one of the campaigns. This will most likely be the highlight of my Bootcamp experience, and I cannot wait!”

20th March
Jared Horton – Associate Campaign Minister
Bootcamp Initiation

At the end of the current 3-month training in Orlando, it’s time to put it all into action on the ground in Tanzania, Africa. The Initiation Trip is where it all comes together, as they organise outreaches, preach the Gospel and pray for the sick.
The Initiation Trip is an indispensable part of equipping the Bootcamp evangelists to win souls in mass evangelism. That’s done in a number of different ways. For one, teams will be going into schools, taught and led by Jako and Karin Hugo, who have been preaching in schools in East Africa for over 14 years now.
We’re not just multiplying the harvest of souls. We’re multiplying the labourers.
Then we have the Gospel Trucks, which can be used to set up a stage with a sound system practically anywhere. Using these, small Bootcamp teams conduct a one-hour outreach. They preach the Gospel for about 30 minutes, and in the second half-hour, they pray for the sick and take testimonies. It’s a very condensed version of what Evangelist Daniel Kolenda does in a Great Gospel Campaign meeting. It gives them great practice in preaching, giving an altar call, praying for the sick and so on.
All these village outreaches are done in cooperation with local churches. They help to find suitable places for the outreaches, and we work with them for follow-up, just like the big campaigns, connecting people into local congregations. 
The logistics of organising so many outreaches are mind-boggling, but we have an amazing team. In fact, the Bootcamp graduates from last year are now helping us with a lot of the team-leading and coaching. In this multiplication process, we are having to grow our team incredibly quickly. We want to put every graduate to work!
Jared Horton

19th March
David Rotärmel – Bootcamp 2020 Graduate
Bootcamp graduates become campaign organisers

One year ago, David Rotärmel was a student in the first Bootcamp. Now he’s hard at work helping with outreach organisation behind the scenes for Bootcamp Initiation in mid-April in Tanzania, East Africa.

David says: “With this year’s Bootcamp, we have a new initiative called Town Campaigns, where we give groups of ten students the opportunity to organise a town campaign themselves. I’ve recently returned from Tanzania, where I was scouting potential cities, and setting up the campaign structure. That includes training local organisers, and then putting them in contact with the students here in Orlando. Once they are in Tanzania, they’ll finish setting up the events on the ground. And then, in the final week of their Initiation Trip, they’ll conduct the campaigns they’ve organised, as well as preach in those events.”

For David, getting to work on the Decapolis campaigns last year was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. “During Decapolis – actually being on the ground, doing it, seeing it being done – it just took everything so much deeper for me. I finally understood how the vision is being executed. I felt a tremendous burden to help other evangelists get the same experience, both of organising and preaching at a mass campaign. It’s difficult to describe what it does to your heart to be in full swing, preaching the Gospel, praying for the sick – everything that CfaN has known for years, but that we are seeing for the first time. It’s amazing. That’s something we have to pass on to the whole new generation of evangelists being raised up by Evangelist Kolenda.”

18th March - Bootcamp is getting results!

The aim of Bootcamp is to give attendees the best possible apprenticeship in campaign evangelism. By the time they’ve completed this one-of-a-kind training, we want to see them out there, fulfilling their calling, winning people for Jesus. This is not about absorbing information and getting a certificate. It’s about a sold-out, all-for-Jesus generation giving everything for the Gospel. And already, we are seeing wonderful results!

Several of last year’s Bootcamp graduates have been in Tanzania almost constantly since Decapolis, conducting outreaches in hundreds of places, seeing well over 100,000 people respond to the altar call in 2021 already! With small teams preaching the simple, straightforward Gospel in as many as 9 outreaches every day, it’s physically punishing, but incredibly rewarding.  

Other graduates have already gone on to conduct mass evangelistic campaigns in other countries, with CfaN’s help and support. Others still are working tirelessly in CfaN teams: organising events, supporting CfaN staff in every department, leading outreaches with this year’s students and shouldering tremendous responsibility on the ground in Africa.

17th March - And you are part of this

This is the “how” of multiplication! It would simply be impossible for one single preacher and one team to reach the vast number of people God has called us to reach. To make this vision a reality, every single aspect of this ministry must be scaled up. Whichever part each one of us plays – preaching, training, technical, financial support, intercession or administration – all are equally valuable to this ministry and to the Lord.

That includes you, praying for and supporting us. You too are an indispensable and extremely valuable part of this ministry. Will you help us to GO?
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