Help share the Gospel

Here at Christ for all Nations, our mission is to spread the word of Jesus throughout the world.  So far, we have seen over 78,000,000 salvation decisions for Christ and still counting.

Every new believer will receive a booklet called ‘Now that you are Saved’ and this will explain what has just transpired in their lives and help them with their first steps as a believer of Jesus Christ.

We will also plant these new converts into a local church where they will grow in Christ as they are discipled.

Each booklet just costs 15p to produce.  Can we ask you to support us today and buy some 'Now that you are Saved' booklets?

£5 will help 30 new believers
£10 will help 60 new believers
£30 will help 200 new believers
£60 will help 400 new believers
£120 will help 800 new believers

The cost includes all the preparation, translations, printing and shipping to the meeting site. BUT when you are looking at hundreds of thousands that are consistently needed for every campaign, the demand becomes enormous.

Yours in His Love and Service,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
with the international CfaN team

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