Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Gospel Campaign, Lagos, Nigeria

14th November, 2017

We recently witnessed the start of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Gospel Campaign in Lagos, Nigeria. It was 43 years ago Reinhard founded ‘Christ for all Nations’. Since then the organisation surpassed a historic milestone of 76 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ in major parts of Africa and other parts of the world.

The greatest evangelistic harvest of all time

The historic campaign in Lagos this week could easily be one of the biggest Christian meetings in the history of Christendom and also one of the greatest evangelistic harvests of all time, as thousands of local churches and hundreds of thousands of Christians have been mobilised for the event.

A time of refreshing, healing and hope

CfaN’s Vice President, Peter Vandenberg, said this of the first day, "It's the first day and the vast field is filling with people as they stream in from around the great city of Lagos. Tens of thousands of volunteer workers are already in place, and the huge choir of over 20,000 voices is ready to sing. The place is filled with a feeling of great expectation as multitudes gather to receive." They say cities never sleep, but for the next 5 days Lagos, Africa’s largest city and economic capital, is shutting down for a time of refreshing, healing and hope with Evangelists Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda.

Holy Spirit: Are You Flammable or Fireproof?

Reinhard’s farewell gospel campaign commenced November 8th, on the same day he released his new book, that was a key feature of the campaign, titled, Holy Spirit: Are You Flammable or Fireproof? Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is dedicating his new book as a tool for evangelism around the globe, with three hundred thousand copies being sowed to further the message of the Gospel. With copies given to evangelists and leaders attending the impartation services in Lagos, Nigeria. In it he writes, "With every revelation I received about the Holy Spirit and His work, my life and ministry were transformed, and it made me more effective and productive."