Tribute to Rob Quin

11th September, 2013

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our colleague Rob Quin, who, after a long illness, passed away on Sunday.  Rob was a part of the CfaN team of technicians and sound engineers for over 7 years and loved Africa as much as the Africans loved him.  He was a great asset to the team and in the long months of his illness, missed being in Africa.  As part of the team he saw millions come to the Lord through the work of his hands.  He was a man others looked up to, for his friendship, his listening ear, his infectious humour and his love of the Lord!  He will truly be missed, but we know he is gone to a better place.  Rob has left behind his wife Charity, and his son and daughter, Jesse and Amber.  We would appreciate your prayers for the family.