What a weekend! - Fire17

Christ for all Nations
21st November, 2017

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Fire17 was broadcast live and you can re-watch the sessions below:

Friday November 17th, Session 1 - Daniel Kolenda, Eric Gilmour & Scott Lee


Saturday November 18th, Session 2 - Peter Vandenberg


Saturday November 18th, Session 3 - Nathan Morris


Saturday November 18th, Sessions 4 & 5 - Eric Gilmour & Scott Lee


Saturday November 18th, Sessions 6 & 7 - Todd White & Daniel Kolenda

What a weekend!

4000 people joined with CfaN UK for an incredible 2 Days of Holy Spirit ministry. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and our guest speakers moved powerfully under the anointing of the Lord. People passionately worshipped God and surrendered their all to Him. In doing so many found breakthrough and healing as they encountered the Holy Spirit afresh.

Eric Gilmour gave a very emotional teaching on the story of Mary and Martha. At the end people wept as they rested at the feet of Jesus and loved upon Him. On the final evening after Todd White called for holiness and repentance, each person was prayed for personally and received the Fire of God.

Testimonies abound already of how God touched lives. The impact of Fire17 is so far-reaching as a group of empowered and motivated people left the arena to ‘take action’ all over the United Kingdom.







We know that God impacted many people who were there and watching live online. If God impacted you, healed you or has set you on a new course as a result of being at or watching the Fire17 Conference, we'd love to hear your testimony. Please contact us using the Send Testimony form.

It was a glorious experience! I am more in love with Jesus! Praise be His name!! Looking forward for the next one!

Elyn, London

We were a bit nervous, as not as extrovert as some! But it's the culmination of an awesome year of discovery about the Holy Spirit and waiting on God for what he wants us to do. Also my husband has progressive MS and was worried about turning up on a scooter and being conspicuous. But God healed him a couple of weeks ago and we went to London with no scooter, not even any sticks! We knew God wanted us there, and we were touched by God during Eric's session and again at the end and we are feeling so much more confident and assured that God is working through us. We are raring to go! Thank you so much to all of you.

Sue, Somerset

My feet had no feeling and would get very numb they had been like this for the last number of years . I had been getting lots of headaches recently and God was telling me there were some people close to me who have been trying to manipulate and control me and use me for their ministry for their own gain. I came to the Friday night I prayed for my body to be healed - not only was my body healed but God also revealed these people to me - that night at the conference I got my peace , my joy and my happiness for the first time in a long time . Everything changed !

Sara, London

I have been so touched by the ministry of CfaN and their commitment to spreading the gospel worldwide. God richly bless you all, and please come back to London soon!

Nana, London

I was quite lost, but in London God called me back to my ministry, he raised me up again, He told me how to do it, and He gave me so much peace, and love like never before in my life, I never experienced God in such a way.... it had been LIFE CHANGING in the true meaning.

Paolo De Trane

My walk with God increases more and especially my passion to Love Him most.


My children could not stop talking about the presence of the Holy Ghost. They felt his presence, it was amazing.

Sukholuhle Masuku

The fire that I thought I had for God has definitely been increased.

Samantha Jac-During

I experienced the Holy Spirit on the Friday night when Eric Gilmour was full of it. God restored my joy that night and my foot and back pain are healed I had been suffering for over 2 years.

Sara Shah

The weight of His glory was so heavy I was laughing then wailing for one whole hour

Josephine Tang

I lately had shoulder discomfort issues in my left shoulder and after ministry time on Friday I hadn’t had any pain/discomfort again.

Harris Panagiotidis

Maybe there is just a simple thing but for me now the presence of Jesus in my life is more real, and I started to wake up at 4-5 am in the morning before going to work to stay in the presence of God and worship and read the bible. And since then, God revealed in me His will and the Holy Spirit power is seen now also in exterior.

Monalisa Iancu

God showed me/confirmed my call to go to a particular country. I was hesitating between two countries and now it is clear which one.


One thing happened to me, during a part of worship, when everyone was asked to hold hands. Whilst worshipping, I just fell straight back literally like a blank, hit the ground. Several people were concerned about my head. I didn’t go out in the spirit (no telling what went on) it felt like I’d floated to the ground. That’s never happened before.

Diana Parsonage

I was healed of self in flicked arm wounds which were inflicted 50 years ago in prison.

Joseph Edwards

I don’t know where to start. This conference has changed my life. Seeing the Holy Spirit being free to move was such an incredible experience. I have such a deeper and more powerful relationship with Jesus than I ever have. I came home to be praying in the street, literally telling everyone how awesome our God is and to listen to Daniel K, Todd White & Eric Gilmore. I experience the Holy Spirit as though I was stood on water, and God telling me that I am stiff firm in Him. No matter how tricky life would get, I can calm my waters with Jesus and stand firm in the truth. God revealed to me who he is and my eyes, ears and mind were totally opened.

Ali Mansfield

I was touched and met with God.

Ruth Wilson

I experienced God and His Love pretty much during the whole event, it was especially strong before the blessing that God's love showered over me and I was completely overwhelmed. It has covered me since. I started feeling God's presence and it is the first time I experience being God's child (as we all are), God is watching over us all the time everywhere as long as we would like this connection. I feel God sees me like a toddler and parenting me with His gentle love and patience. I also started seeing the same light on people in the conference, it's almost God wanted me to pay attention. He also guided me to bless or pray to people I have encountered since the event, it's a miracle! I feel God is trying to tell me that I now carry His light, I will have to spread this light to others- which I absolutely love doing it!

Jau-Yi Wang

I received the fire baptism during ministration time on the Friday evening session.

Angeline Kalengayi

The impact of Eric Gilmour's talk was huge and ministry beautifully handled by Daniel - I had open visions during that time as the angelic really flooded the room - was seeing around the throne!

Jennifer O'Brien

My husband and I are missionaries, he isn’t from the UK so we are trying to get a permanent visa for the UK which is a challenge. we needed £62500 in our bank account to even apply for the visa and we had a part of it. At the conference I got my friends to pray for us for the money and 10 mins after someone said that they would give us the rest of the money for the visa. When Nathan shared about preaching the gospel I wept with a returning love for preaching the gospel.

Daniella Santos

YES, I receive deliverance during the break, when a Lady called Katrina pray for me. it was great.

Ana Maria Gutierrez

I felt more confident in laying hands and praying for the sick.

Oluwakemi Olakotan

In this event I felt more freedom than I have ever felt in my life.

Grace Hubert

We had been seeking to go to an event that focused on drawing closer to the Lord and focused on being filled with the Holy Spirit, thank you so much we really appreciated being there.

Sonia Brett

My husband and I just both felt that we have received fresh and powerful impartation and feel a ‘new thing’ has begun for us ... not sure what but both know we have received some FIRE!!

Alison Borromeo

Just felt very blessed & encouraged. Worship great

Avril Betts-Brown

I was hit by the fire of god on Friday night in the first worship song. I was healed in a word of knowledge Todd had.

Rose Ben-Israel

I cried out a lot of pain during the Saturday morning worship between 8:45-9:30am very special time there in those moments.

Lorraine Elizabeth Elsdon

A team of 7 from our Church attended, then on Sunday we continued with the fire conference (fire tunnel) at our local church and prayed for all of the church, was great to see even the children falling under the power of The Holy Spirit, and an increased zeal for Evangelism and greater confidence from many of those who attended.

Michael John Robinson

No body lay hand on me except the fire tunnel cession, but God presence was real and thrown to the ground many times and felt the Holy Spirit moving in my body. One specific occasion Nathan pass through where I was sitting during his preaching when he just pass just right next to me I felt the presence of heaven just came down on me, as an act of worship I put my hand up next moment I was thrown to the ground I was able to feel the fire of God was just on me, I had a back pain for a year which was so bad on Saturday up until what happened during Nathan's sermon. During the fire tunnel, I felt so drunk hardly can stand, also my husband said the same thing. Thank God, all glory goes to our Most High God.

Rohini Kokoricha

I experience God's presence in a way I never did before.

Ericka Guerra

Was very encouraged as the messages that God spoke through the speakers confirmed so many things that we have been saying and seeking to do.

Ericka Guerra

Revelation about who God is and how I need to change to improve my marriage rather than expecting my husband to change.

Jenny Hall

I was touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit.

Keya Awale

The Lord told me to pray for the Holy Fire a year ago and I was waiting something like this. He is perfect. God bless you all.

Narcisa Calderon

I've had several people attend from our church who said they have come back with a deeper hunger and love for Christ.

Aaron Jarvis

It was a really significant weekend for me because God has been speaking to me about UK revival. I loved the prophecies. I also experienced a truly freeing encounter with Holy Spirit and the prayer tunnel was a first and I thought it was amazing.

Karen Terry

We were very blessed by the word and the ministry from all was wonderful.

Mark Jones

Eric's beautiful way of worshipping God, touched and changed my heart... humbleness and adoration for God, beautiful example to people who don't know how to love and worship God intimately.

Tanya van der Merwe

I believe and in fact know that there was an impartation of anointing upon me and I have since moved with greater assurance in words of knowledge etc. The event was very much part of God's provision to me in receiving what He had been showing me beforehand.

Dave Humphreys

This event was my Kairos moment! - God worked to tell me about Fire17 through a new friend, we attended together. I've been told by a different friend that God will use me to preach the gospel. Over the past few months as I have prayed to be closer to God, he has brought me out of a relationship that was holding my faith back. Now it's just one blessing after another. New girlfriend that's driving my faith forward, new Church, connect group support and serving, new home and for me forgiving and speaking to my Mum who has been absent for 32 years. I shed many tears for different reasons at Fire17, it was and still is life changing. I've never felt closer to God, it was also surprising for me that I only made it 2 people into the fire tunnel before the Holy Spirit knocked me off my feet onto my back. I was led to take the following week of work just to soak in the events of the Saturday...all week I was in the most amazing place and on such a high. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the chance to attend this event, please come again....soon!

Malcolm Moir

Before the conference I was seeking the Lord so I could fast for longer, 2 days was my limit for a long time now, I have just finished a 2-week fast and know He has answered my prayer concerning this. Amen.

Emily Faith Sheron

I have been buzzing ever since getting back, I prayed for two of my colleagues at work one who had pain in her foot after breaking in a few years before and she was healed, the other the pain eases she has chronic pain with ligament and joint problems.

Clara Flegg

Yes! I knew I have spent limited time in my closet" but Eric message DEEPLY touched my heart and spirit. I earnestly now seek His Presence even more. I believe this is the key to MORE...

Diana Davies

It was a glorious experience! I am more in love with Jesus! Praise be His name!! Looking forward for the next one!

Elyn, London

We (mum and I) flew over from South Spain Murica to London for two nights to your FIRE 2017 conference and I want to thank you so much for the event. It was the first time seeing Daniel Kolenda live, how amazing, and also Todd White, we have seen them on telly before of course. It was amazing beyond words we were touched... filled with fire...soaked in his presence...my friend was healed of cutting scars and we went out from there and witnessed the gospel to many in London...and in the hotel restaurant we spent hours preaching the word talking about the conference and laying hands on sister to receive tongues in hotel foyer and we caused much commotion, but of a good type, and we spread joy wherever we went...we were unafraid and unashamed of the gospel which is the power of salvation glory to God the filling of the Holy Spirit. We met a French man in a cable car and another French catholic in aeroplane and even a muslim man in the taxi were touched either by the fire of God and the word of the gospel ...the muslim man even felt the fire driving us to the airport as he allowed me to lay hands on him for healing of diabetes and heart stint.


I had self-harming scars on his arms for the last 50 years, when Todd white spoke he commanded them to heal…and they are no more!!!!


My life truly will never be the same again after encountering the Fire of the Holy Ghost in a way that I have never known before, my life has truly changed.


Completely life changing!! I received healing from tinnitus.


I went to the fire conference with a hunger for more of God. I was not disappointed at all. I received the fire in a great measure and my life has not remained the same since the weekend. I witness and pray for the sick with more confidence now. Praise the Lord.


We know that God impacted many people who were there and watching live online. If God impacted you, healed you or has set you on a new course as a result of being at or watching the Fire17 Conference, we'd love to hear your testimony. Please contact us using the Send Testimony form.