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June 26, 2013 Bible study

God's standard will and specific will

In this Bible Study Series Evangelist Daniel Kolenda explores how we can recognise God's will for our lives.

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June 6, 2013 Gospel Campaign

Nairobi, Kenya

We returned to Nairobi, Kenya 25 years after our last Gospel Campaign in the nation. We are now bringing the Gospel to a whole new generation of Kenyans and we believe this will be the epicentre of a move of God in this nation.

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May 22, 2013 Bible study

Preach Christ or Plant Corn

In this study Daniel Kolenda shares the stories of three people who have had a massive impact for the Kingdom of God despite them not being in the ministry profession. Read More
May 15, 2013 Bible study

God wants everyone in full time ministry?

In this study Evangelist Daniel Kolenda deals with a third misconception about the will of God, Does God want everyone in full-time ministry? Read More
April 25, 2013 Bible study

Is God's will always revealed suddenly?

In part two of his study on misunderstanding God's will Evangelist Daniel Kolenda tackles a common misconception that God's will is revealed suddenly and dramatically. Read More