Now that you are Saved - Booklet Appeal

Dear Partners and Friends,

Founded by the renowned soul-winning Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke AND NOW under the leadership of Evangelist Daniel Kolenda . . . Christ for all Nations has seen over 80 million people come to Christ.  Those are documented individually signed decisions by people who were not only born again but followed up and discipled in local churches.


We have committed to purchase 250,000 copies of the booklet NOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED for our upcoming Gospel campaigns.  Now we just need to pay for them! This booklet is given to every new believer and contains the gospel and decision card.  It is the tool that Reinhard implemented to see the new believers in Jesus connect and be nurtured in the local churches.

We urgently need to raise £32,500 to cover half the cost for these. The booklets are printed and about to ship to Africa from China! (Our Canadian office are getting the other half)

Here is how you can help:

- A gift of £15 will buy 100+ books and nourish 100+ new Christians.
- £50 will help 320+ new believers connect to the church.
- If you can send £100 that lets 640+ new-believers return home with ‘Fresh-Milk’ in their hands.
- Maybe you are someone who can send £1000+ it would see 6,600+ people receive Christ and take their first steps as baby Christians.

We appreciate your support.  You can find out more below about 'Now That You Are Saved' and the impact Christ for all Nations is having. We would encourage you to share and get as many people involved.


Mark Oakes
CfaN UK Director

Below is a recorded testimony of a Blind Woman Healed

This is how our follow up system works: on the ground at every Gospel Crusade, we have thousands of trained counsellors that hand out our “NOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED” booklets to every new believer.  They will then help these new believers fill out the decision cards . . . stating that they have received Jesus Christ as their Saviour, and that they want to live according to God’s word and make a connection with a local church.  


These booklets have all the ‘fresh-milk’ principles (from God’s Word) that explain what miraculously transpired in their life . . . and the first steps they are encouraged to take in their new walk with the Lord.  God’s Word is clear: “as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby” (1 Peter 2:2).  

Before every Crusade, we make sure we have located all the details from the local churches, pastors names, address details and contact numbers. This is very important as we will send a copy of the new believers decision cards to their local churches to begin the dedicated follow-up system.

This is all about our NEW-BORN BROTHERS and SISTERS in Christ. Our nets are HEAVY and FULL in every African Crusade.  AND once they come into the Gospel net, the Lord commands us to DO OUR BEST to NOT LOSE a SINGLE ONE of them.

We are replenishing our supply of “NOW THAT YOU ARE SAVED” follow-up booklets for the upcoming 13 crusades in Africa starting this September with the Decapolis Crusade in Kenya; 10 Crusades, in 10 Cities, in just 14 days! A first for CfaN.

These are followed by further campaigns in West Africa in Oct, Nov and December.

200,000+ attended the below Crusade in Warri, Nigeria!