Reinhard Bonnke's - Celebrating 50 Years Bundle

Reinhard Bonnke

The Celebrating 50 Years Bundle includes;
1. Farewell Gospel Crusade
2. Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof?
3. Living a Life of Fire

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Farewell Gospel Crusade Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Farewell Crusade is featured in this special DVD series, celebrating 50 years of ministry in Africa. Includes exclusive features and behind the scenes footage. This Legacy Edition includes 8 DVDs that bring you the entire crusade, in Lagos, Nigeria where over 1.7 million attended. Like a mighty rushing wind, Bonnke took the African continent by storm with mass Gospel crusades that drew millions in attendance, bringing a legacy of over 77 million decisions for Christ and countless authenticated healing miracles. In the race of life, many begin, few finish well and very few leave a legacy. Through this inspirational DVD set, you will experience the power of the Holy Spirit and be motivated to pursue excellence in your personal Christian walk. Witness Bonnke’s finest hour as he crosses the finish line and passes the burning torch of the Gospel to Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and the next generation. Holy Spirit: Are We Flammable or Fireproof? Evangelist Bonnke has compiled some of the greatest uncompromising truths about the Holy Spirit that have been at the cornerstone of his ministry for over 50 years. Birthed in critical times and seasons on the mission field, these truths - Holy Spirit Fire Points - capture deep lessons about the Holy Spirit that are non-negotiable for the believer or minister desiring to move in the supernatural power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. In each section, you will love the short, power-packed “Fire Points” from Evangelist Bonnke and correlating scripture verses. This dynamic book on the Holy Spirit includes powerful topics that will fan the flame within you! The Spirit and the Son: Jesus the Baptizer People Aflame: The Holy Spirit and the Believer A Mighty Rushing Wind: Pentecost A Forest of Fire: The Holy Spirit and the Church Dipped in Fire: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Fired Up: The Holy Spirit’s Challenge Tools of Fire: The Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit Entering a Life of Fire: How to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit Living a Life of Fire Bonnke's life story is truly amazing. He often says he went from 'zero to hero' which is an accurate portrayal of the youngest son of preacher from a small village in Northern Germany. Today, the Bonnke name is known around the globe and is synonymous with gigantic meetings in Africa where not just thousands, not just tens of thousands, not just hundreds of thousands, but millions of people are won to Christ in a single meeting. The most enjoyable parts of this book are the stories of God's intervention into the lives of men and woman, some of the most extraordinary accounts published today. The 'fire' in this title refers to Bonnke's continual partnership with and reliance on the Holy Spirit throughout his life and ministry. This book is not a Pentecostal apologetic, but a challenge to Christian's everywhere to embrace the same Biblical doctrine which Bonnke has employed with astonishing success. Bonnke's life is a model for generations of preachers to come and his story provides the inspiration for any Christian, anywhere to do great things for God. LIVING A LIFE OF FIRE HARDBACK includes: 664 Pages telling the amazing life of Reinhard Bonnke, one of the most fascinating Christian leaders of our times. Full colour, fold-out, photos spanning the life and ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. A captivating read filled with powerfully moving stories and men and women saved, delivered, and literally rescued from certain death. Documents the astounding number of salvations, over 52 million in the last decade alone, through the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. An intriguing examination on the doctrine of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and Bonnke's practical application - his "life of fire".

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