Holy Spirit: Are we Flammable or Fireproof?
There is a dynamic, dead-raising power on the inside of you. This book will help you connect with that power, the Holy Spirit.
The Judgement Seat of Christ
From the Lost Treasures Series Rediscover with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda the amazing TRUTHS that surround the Judgement Seat ...
By Life or By Death
Millions are receiving Christ as their Lord and Saviour in unprecedented Gospel outreaches across what was once called, ’Th...
Live Before You Die
God has a plan for everyone. Do you know yours? Live Before You Die was written to help you discover God's will for your life.
Taking Action
Millions of people all over the world have been introduced to Jesus through the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. In Taking Action...
Holy Spirit - Revelation and Revolution
Trying to write about the Holy Spirit is like trying to dive to the depths of the ocean with just a snorkel. The deeper you g...
Living a Life of Fire
Living a Life of Fire, the autobiography from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is an amazing life story of one of the world's most ...
Evangelism by Fire
"Evangelism by Fire" will give you an insight into the God-inspired anointing of Reinhard Bonnke. "Evangelism by Fire" is a p...
Hell Empty Heaven Full (Complete Set)
Every day, millions of people move farther down the dark road to destruction. They are your co-workers, your neighbours, your...
Into the Unknown (5 Pack Bundle)
This is a special 5 pack bundle of Into the Unknown - book, saving you £9.96.  This is a true-life Gospel adventure testimo...
Into the Unknown
Into the Unknown is a true-life Gospel adventure testimony of a life dedicated to pursuing God’s purpose. It is a story of...
Unlocking the Miraculous (Book)
(Formerly titled Your Kingdom Come) Unlocking the Miraculous through FAITH and PRAYER binds the burning heart of an evangelis...
Harvest Joy
A richly illustrated account of the outpouring and move of God through CfaN gospel campaigns over a decade in the nation of Nigeria.
Raised from the Dead (Book)
An incredible modern day miracle of God raising a man from the dead, detailed for the first time in book form.
Miracles (Impact Africa)
This book is filled with true stories about actual people utterly transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.
Daily Fire
Daily Fire Devotional is a collection of dynamic devotionals from the powerful writing of evangelist Reinhard Bonnke designed...
Breath of God CD Album with Song Book
The NEW worship album from CfaN Worship UK with a song book containing sheet music, chord sheets and lyric sheets. This 14 t...
Breath of God Song Book
Song book for CfaN Worship UK's Breath of God album
The Real Deal
The powerful autobiography of a gambler, drug addict and dealer who turns to God and finds freedom.
Living the Lord's Prayer
In each chapter of this book, we meet a Father whose power is unlimited, whose tenderness is deeper than any other, and whose...
The Happy Intercessor
The Happy Intercessor is a Holy Spirit journey into the very heart of the Father.
Words like Fire
From a life-time of impassioned soul-winning that has shaped a ministry with purpose and determination, the words of Evangeli...
Surviving Your Wilderness
The wilderness is an untamed place, a most difficult season for the human soul. But it can become the source of greatest spiritual reward.
Time Is Running Out
There are more lost souls than ever - and less time than ever to save them. Now the evangelist's evangelist calls us - and he...
Hell Empty Heaven Full - Part 2
Millions of people in our world today are reaching out for an answer to their desperation. As believers, we are called to del...
Hell Empty Heaven Full - Part 1
Every day, millions of people move farther down the dark road to destruction. They are your co-workers, your neighbours, your...
The Ultimate Plus (Pack of 10)
A discipleship resource for those who have recently become Christians.
From Minus to Plus (Pack of 10)
A great tool for personal evangelism. From Minus to Plus takes the reader through the salvation message ending with a call to salvation.
Faith - The Link with God's Power
Some believe that simply having faith is an entitlement to blessing and prosperity. Others believe that faith in oneself is a...
Even Greater
People just like you, with whom God did extraordinary works despite broken dreams, failure and weakness. These dramatic stori...