Prayer and Intercession

Daniel Kolenda

God has a plan for everyone. Do you know yours?

Live Before You Die was written to help you discover God's will for your life.

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Daniel Kolenda

“Unlocking the Miraculous” read by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, contains power-filled chapters such as Prayer that Opens Doors, Praying Under an Open Heaven and Prayer that Releases the Miraculous and much more. It is studded with spiritual truths and the insights of a man who knows that there are no limits to what God can do if we, his children, come before him in prayer.

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Daniel Kolenda

(Formerly titled Your Kingdom Come) Unlocking the Miraculous through FAITH and PRAYER binds the burning heart of an evangelist with the burdened heart of an intercessor.

Price: £5.99
Beni Johnson

The Happy Intercessor is a Holy Spirit journey into the very heart of the Father.

Price: £9.99
David Carr

In each chapter of this book, we meet a Father whose power is unlimited, whose tenderness is deeper than any other, and whose protection is guaranteed regardless of what life throws at us.

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