Into the Unknown (5 Pack Bundle)

Peter Vandenberg

This is a special 5 pack bundle of Into the Unknown - book, saving you £9.96.  This is a true-life Gospel adventure testimony of a life dedicated to pursuing God’s purpose. It is a story of risk, danger across treacherous territories, miraculous and supernatural intervention, divine provision, and above all, God’s faithfulness.

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Price: £39.99

Behind the machinery that powered Bonnke’s campaigns into phenomenal success is the little-known story of Peter Vandenberg.  A fiery agnostic, Peter had a dramatic conversion and became a musician and a minister of the Gospel early in his Christian walk, but it was his engineering and administrative background that would define his legacy and contribution to world evangelism. 


This book contains power-filled sections such as:

 Part 1 - The Journey of a Lifetime (Chapters 1-6)

 Part 2 – Reaching for the Sky (Chapters 7-9)

 Part 3 – The God of Miracles (Chapter 10)

 Part 4 – Before I Go (Chapter 11)

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