Special Video Message from Daniel for the UK!

Hello everybody, this is Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and I want to send a very special message to all of our friends and partners in the UK.  I am actually not coming here to ask for anything, rather, I want to say a very, deep, heartfelt THANK YOU to you.

You know when this whole Coronavirus, Covid 19 Pandemic began, we really did not know what to expect.  It would have been very reasonable to assume that many of you would have stopped giving out of fear for the future and we were really preparing for the worst, but I have been completely overwhelmed over the last several weeks as I have seen the faithfulness of our Partners in the United Kingdom, how you have continued to sow even in famine.  You have continued to give to the purposes of the Lord and I really believe it is one of the greatest expressions of faith that I have ever seen. 

Anybody can give when the economy is good, anybody can trust God when everything is going well, but when the world’s economies begin to take it (are affected), the systems of the world are shaken, then we see who really believes in God and what I have seen from you are precious friends and partners in the United Kingdom, is an unwavering faith in God that is not just in your words, but is demonstrated by your actions and I want you to know that we have been continuing to work as well as you have continued to sow. 

We have got teams in Africa.  We are preparing right now 12 more Gospel Crusades that are coming up later this year.  Our next one begins in September and goes through to the end of the year, and just so you know, we have not had to cancel a single event.  Yes, a lot of events have been cancelled, but the Lord gave us supernatural wisdom at the beginning of the year, that we planned crusades at the beginning and crusades in the latter half of the year.  For the first time in the history of the ministry, we decided to leave the middle part open, not even realising why, but now we see was the perfect wisdom of God. 

I believe that we will actually see, this year, more crusades will be conducted than have ever been conducted in one year in the history of CfaN and I believe we will see more souls saved than ever before in one year in the history of CfaN and all this in the midst of a global pandemic, because of your faithfulness, because of God’s faithfulness and I just want to thank you and I want to let you know my heart is just so full of love and gratitude to you.

Let’s continue to go forward and reap this harvest in Jesus Name!

I love you all.  God bless you,

Daniel Kolenda
President, Christ for all Nations