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Last Aired 13th January, 2019

Experience this one-of-a-kind LIVE praise and worship experience led by Daniel Kolenda with special guests Roy Fields and Evangelist Peter Vandenberg!

Last Aired 25th November, 2018

Join Daniel Kolenda in this week's episode as he interviews Michael Dow about the importance of fasting.

Last Aired 11th November, 2018

On This Week’s Episode, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda Sits Down With Filmmakers Darren Wilson And Will Hacker To Discuss Their Newest Film, ‘Finger Of God 2.’

Last Aired 16th September, 2018

Join Evangelist Daniel Kolenda as he interviews filmmaker Darren Wilson!

Last Aired 26th August, 2018

Today Director and Producer Darren Wilson shares his supernatural experiences with film.

Last Aired 27th May, 2018

Today Rev. Bert Farias discusses his latest book “Passing the Move of God to the Next Generation” with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

Last Aired 1st April, 2018

Join Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, founder of Christ for all Nations, as he shares the powerful message of the resurrection.

Last Aired 11th March, 2018

WATCH Peter Vandenberg’s story of defying the odds as he tells his compelling story of defeating Cancer in this week’s edition of Christ for all Nations TV.

Last Aired 25th February, 2018

Join Evangelist Daniel Kolenda as he shares a powerful teaching message from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke's  "Full Flame" Film Series entitled "The Matchless Message".