Yes, Double My Impact!

Dear Ministry Friend,

Right now, you have a unique opportunity to DOUBLE the impact of your donation! When you give, your gift will be matched by a handful of generous ministry partners who have committed to MATCH (double) every gift given to CfaN over the next 30 days for our campaigns in Africa.

That means whatever you would regularly give for the cause of winning souls and making disciples will be DOUBLED.  For example, your gift of £50 automatically becomes £100. Your contribution of £75 converts to £150. If the Lord would lead and enable you to send £100, it immediately turns into £200.

Now you know why we are so excited! This is an amazing opening to do twice as much for souls with every single gift. We will prayerfully await your response.

Please be as quick and generous as you possibly can.

We are committed to winning souls and discipling new believers in this DOUBLE HARVEST season together with you.

Yours in the Harvest,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
(With Reinhard Bonnke and the Christ for all Nations Ministry Team)