The Story of Jean Neil - A Miraculous Healing

Reinhard Bonnke

The amazing story of Jean Neil who was healed from an accident that ruptured her tailbone confining her to a wheel chair.

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Total strangers brought together by the power and working of the Holy Spirit. A divine appointment that saw a dream come to reality, and a man being used by God as he obeyed. This is the story of a lady, who once called herself, Quasimodo, due to a very crooked and stiff spine. Every step was painful as her hips had been permanently dislodged from their sockets, and moving her legs caused great pain. An accident had ruptured her tailbone and made worse an already deteriorating spine. Surgeons gave her a 50-50 chance of ever walking again, even after surgery. Even though confined to a wheel chair she had an unwavering faith in God, the miracle maker. Her name is Jean Neil and this is the remarkable testimony of how God brought her and the Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke together for her miraculous healing and transformation. Let this film inspire you to seek God for your miracle.

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