February 17, 2020 News

A Joyful Celebration: Warri, Nigeria - Day 4

As the meeting began, the crowd of 200,000 people sang praises to the Lord which culminated in joyful celebration when the two steel drums filled with witchcraft items that had been surrendered by new converts, was set on fire. The feeling of freedom and deliverance in the air was almost palpable as many literally danced a victory dance around the burning drums.

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February 16, 2020 News

Miracles, Old and New! Day 3: Warri, Nigeria

Tonight was very special. It started when I arrived on the field and heard from the crusade chairman about a report circulating around town. Last night, while I was praying for the sick, I saw a disabled man being powerfully touched by God in his seat. I went down to pray for him. While I was down there, a mother put a dead baby in my arms. She had been brought by the doctor for prayer. The baby’s little eyes were rolled back in its head, its body was limp and smelled very bad. I held the baby for a short time and then gave the body, still limp, back to the mother.

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February 15, 2020 News

Perseverance! Warri, Nigeria - Day 2

Several years ago, at a School of Evangelism in London, during a Q&A session, a student asked Reinhard Bonnke what was the secret to the success of Christ for all Nations. I thought Reinhard might say something about anointing, prayer, wisdom or powerful preaching. Instead, his answer was very different. He responded with one word: “Perseverance.”

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