September 4, 2020 News

A Tale of Three Dreams

Daniel Kolenda shares how God planted this prophetic vision in his heart and outlines his divinely- inspired strategy for bringing that vision into reality. Our prayer is that as you watch, you too will dream God-sized dreams with us and then, prayerfully join us in its implementation. The harvest is more plentiful than ever. All that is needed to bring it into the storehouses of heaven, is workers. With your help, CfaN can and will bridge the labour shortage to plunder hell and populate heaven for Calvary’s sake!

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June 10, 2020 News

How We're Winning 150 Million Souls to Christ

One of the things I loved and admired about Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was that he was a visionary. He was a forward-looking and forward-thinking man. On more than one occasion, I remember Reinhard, while preaching a sermon, stopping mid-sentence, turning toward me sitting on the front row, pointing his finger at me and saying in a commanding tone, “Daniel, you are not to become the custodian of my legacy. Preach the Gospel!” That was his admonition to me.

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April 1, 2020 News


An important message to all our friends and partners during this time of crisis. We are praying for you and we appreciate you. Know that we are continuing to push forward on every front to plough the fields for harvest! To support us in this critical time, you can donate securely online here: cfan.org.uk/fb/donate

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