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August 25, 2016

Mbeya, Tanzania

I’ve just received word from our team in Africa, and I’m thrilled to be able to report that 153,120 decisions for Christ were registered in Mbeya, Tanzania during our campaign there. Local churches are now working hard with the follow up and discipleship. Read More
August 22, 2016

Watch the Oklahoma City American Gospel Crusade

This past weekend the Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade Oklahoma City took place. Thousands were in attendance and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can watch the replays directly on our website from God TV. Replays are as follows:

Session 1 :-

22nd August 2:05pm

Session 2 :-

22nd August 8:35pm
23rd August 2:00am
​​​​​​​23rd August 2:05pm

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August 19, 2016

The Cemetery of Fear

In Matthew 25 Jesus told a parable about a man who went on a journey to a faraway land. Before he left, he entrusted three servants with various “talents,” or money.

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