Daniel Kolenda and the CfaN Team are returning to Tanzania for our first Decapolis Initiative. There, we will conduct FIVE gospel crusades in a timespan of less than two weeks. This is going to be unlike anything we’ve done before!


An East African country that is situated just south of the Equator. The United Republic of Tanzania was formed in 1964 when two formerly separate states (Tanganyika and Zanzibar) formed a union to become one sovereign state. The mainland of Tanganyika covers more than 99 percent of the combined territories which Tanzania consists of. Several Islands also are part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Mafia Island is just off the east coast and is administered to by the central government on the mainland. Nearby, other smaller islands are also a part of Tanzania (Zanzibar and the Pemba Islands), yet have a separate government administration. Since 1974, Dodoma has been the designated official capital, and is centrally located on the mainland. However, Dar es Salaam remains the seat of most government administration in Tanzania. It is also the largest city and port in the country.


Tanzania’s population includes more than 120 different indigenous African peoples, most of whom are clustered into larger groupings. Today the majority of Tanzanians are of Bantu descent, many of which speak Swahili. The population is approximately 50 million. Unlike many other African countries, most people identify themselves as Tanzanians first and foremost. From a young age, Tanzanian children are taught how to be polite and respectful. They will normally greet their elders with the phrase “shikamoo,” which literally translates as “I hold your feet.”

Land and Climate

The United Republic of Tanzania in East Africa is known for its vast wilderness areas. It is mountainous and densely forested in the northeast. Tanzania is bordered by three of the largest lakes on the continent: Lake Victoria in the north, Lake Tanganyika in the west, and Lake Nyasa in the southwest. Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is in northeastern Tanzania, east of Mwanza. It is a dormant volcano and has three volcanic cones: “Kibo,” “Mawenzi,” and “Shira.” Kilimanjaro rises approximately 4,877 metres (16,001 feet) from its base to 5,895 metres (19,341 feet) above sea level. Tanzania has an equatorial climate, which means that it is hot and humid all year round. Seasonal rainfall travels southwards through Tanzania from October through December, reaching the south of the country in January and February. The rain then migrates northwards in March, April and May. This causes the north and east of Tanzania to experience two distinct wet periods. There are “short rains” in October through December, and “long rains” from March through May. The southern, western and central parts of the country experience one wet season that continues from October through April or May. The seasonal rainfall in Tanzania is driven mainly by the migration of the “Intertropical Convergence Zone.”


Commercial farmers grow crops for the domestic market, as well as producing harvests for export. Coffee, tobacco and cotton are the highest-earning crops for export. Others include cashew nuts, tea and sisal. Gold is Tanzania’s most valuable export, while other important sources of national income are derived from the mining of gemstones (such as tanzanite and diamonds), as well as tin.






Tabora, Tanzania will be shaken by the power of God! Evangelist Jared Horton takes you behind the scenes, and will be preaching alongside me over the next few days.


In this video, hear from Crusade Director Lukas Repert in Kahama, Tanzania. 


We have organised five Gospel Crusades for the next two weeks in Tanzania! Hear from Gary Smith, one of the guest evangelists speaking in Shinyanga!


What has happened tonight has been the culmination of more than two years of planning in obedience to the word of the Lord. You may recall that I felt the Lord speak to me that we should multiply labourers for the sake of the harvest. So we have been working diligently behind the scenes, building multiple sound systems (that you helped us build), training up new technicians, crusade organisers, and evangelists. Our many “Pre-Crusade Mobilisation” initiatives were part of the planning and testing phase. The Evangelism Bootcamp was also launched as part of this strategy. But TONIGHT OPERATION DECAPOLIS LAUNCHED! Tonight three simultaneous crusades started in three different cities. Next week, two more crusades will be conducted, in two more cities, for a total of FIVE CRUSADES IN FIVE CITIES over a period of TWO WEEKS! Throughout the next two weeks, I will be travelling from city to city, preaching one or two nights in each location where a crusade is already ongoing. This is true multiplication – and it is only the beginning!

Now, the word Decapolis means “10-Cities.” Originally the plan was to conduct 10 crusades in 10 cities over 2 weeks in Kenya. But due to COVID restrictions, those cities in Kenya were completely off-limits. Our amazing team of technicians and organisers (the best in the world) managed to shift everything in a matter of days to new cities. Even with extremely limited time and facing enormous obstacles, they have managed to do the impossible. Here we are. The crusades started tonight unimpeded, and we are off to an amazing start.

Tonight and tomorrow night, I will write the mission report myself because I want to introduce you to the co-evangelists that are working with me here and also introduce you to the Operation Decapolis Strategy. Then, we will be sending you, night after night, the reports from these co-evangelists themselves and I know you will be so blessed. Finally, on the last night, I will write the report again just to summarise and celebrate what God has done here during this historic week.

Tonight, Crusades took place in Shinyanga (where Gary Smith preached), Tabora (where Jared Horton preached), and Kahama (where Paul Maurer preached). Here is a summary from each of them:


Evangelist Gary Smith writes: “The moment I got on the first flight to Shinyanga, Tanzania, I began to weep in the presence of the Lord. During the multiple flights, I was still encountering the mighty presence of the Lord that continues to stay and has not lifted from me, nor do I want it too! Glory to God.

As we arrived in the beautiful city of Shinyanga, I could feel the excitement in the air as this city has been saturated in the presence of God. For weeks the CfaN Bootcamp graduates have been preaching in the schools and marketplaces, and the crusade committee has been meeting with all the officials. This city has also been blanketed in advertisements.

…Upon arrival to the crusade, I could feel the presence of the Lord. Immediately I began to minister on the urgency of a life totally surrendered to the Lord and that NOW is their time of salvation. As the message was being preached people that were in the stands began to make their way to the altar area, and those that were in the field also began to get closer to the platform. I gave the invitation for them to ask Jesus to be Lord of their life and if they were ready to give Jesus their whole life and not just a part of their life…Not only were thousands saved, but there were also hands lifted all over the entire field that said Jesus has healed them. From the very back of the stadium to the far left and right, hands were lifted high as the Lord healed them! Glory to God.

The testimony line grew longer and longer as people were excited to tell what the Lord had done for them. There was a lady that had a tumour in the lower part of her stomach. She had just been to the doctor’s office only 2 weeks ago to schedule an appointment for the removal of the tumour. The tumour caused much pain, and she testified that the tumour was gone and that there was no pain. With much excitement and joy, I told her that she does not need to have the operation any longer because the great physician just performed surgery on her free of charge! Hallelujah. Another woman testified that her sight, and her ability to walk, was restored. This lady was not able to see further than just a few feet in front of her, and during prayer, her eyes completely opened, and she was able to see the back of the stadium, which was over 100 yards in the distance. I’m in complete joy and celebration of all that the Lord has done in the city of Shinyanga and I'm excited for the 3 days to follow in this crusade. I know that each night will grow and grow from glory to glory.“


Evangelist Jared Horton writes: “I just made it back to the hotel and all I can say is…WOW. I knew there would be a lot of people at the crusade, but to walk onto that platform and see a massive crowd in front of you is a lot to take in all at once. It is something that brings tears to your eyes. Just seeing all the beautiful Tanzanian people so hungry for God and so open to what we have to say is amazing.

Tonight in Tabora, Tanzania, I preached a simple Gospel message, and right as we began to pray the prayer of salvation, literally all over the field people began to manifest demons. Immediately, the ushers began to carry them through the crowd to the deliverance tent. Being this was my first time to preach a crusade of this size on the platform with Christ for all Nations, I was a little taken back by what I was seeing happen before my eyes. I almost did not know what to do for a few seconds. Then over the microphone, I simply asked the Holy Spirit to come. I began to plea the blood of Jesus over the field and rebuke every demonic spirit, then quietly waited on the Holy Spirit to finish His job. After things calmed down a little, I reverently continued with the decision cards. It was truly a Holy moment on the field.

After the people prayed the prayer of salvation and filled out decision cards, I came back and prayed for the sick. Here are a few of the outstanding testimonies:

  • A man who had only 10% hearing in both ears for 19 years received complete healing when both of his ears opened up.
  • 3 people who were carried on the field because they could not walk; walked onto the platform to testify and demonstrate their healing. One of them was unable to walk for 5 years, another was unable to walk for 2 years, and the other was unable to walk for 5 months.
  • A lady who had fibroids in her stomach received complete healing as they disappeared during the prayer for the sick.
  • A man's right arm was numb for 1 year. During the prayer, all the feeling came back to his arm.
  • For many years a lady’s right arm was numb and only had 25% mobility. After we prayed, all the feeling came back into her arm, and she could use it as normal.
  • After the meeting, Bootcamp graduate, Evangelist David Clementi prayed twice for a deaf man, and after the second prayer, both his ears popped open.

The local Pastors were greatly pleased with the outcome of the first night. The fact that God showed up in such mighty power is an indicator of what is going to happen in the next 3 nights!”


Evangelist Paul Maurer writes: “Tonight I preached a simple Gospel message and had a tremendous response. Thousands gave their lives to Jesus! It was a beautiful sight to see so many Tanzanians give their lives to Christ.

When I started praying deliverance prayers, demons began to manifest all over the crowd. Demonised people began screaming, shrieking, and rolling around on the ground as the demons responded to the name of Jesus. I heard that witchcraft is very prevalent in the area, and I guess that explains why so many needed deliverance. The team told me that the ‘snake pit’ was overflowing with people! It was a joy to hear reports of them getting set-free!

There were some notable healings:

  • One woman could not walk properly for 18 years. She said she was very stiff, and people had to help her move around. For the past 2 years, she was in a lot of pain, felt weak, and had to use a stick to walk. After prayer, she was completely pain-free and no longer had to use her walking stick.
  • One man had epilepsy for more than 10 years. He said during the healing prayer he felt the power of God go into his body, and he believed that Jesus healed him.
  • One woman had been in severe pain from gout in both of her legs. She had been on a very strict diet so that she could get better. She also could not sleep because of the gout. During the healing prayer, she said she felt the power of God enter her body and all of her pain left! As she was sharing her testimony on the platform, I saw a tear appear on her eye. It wasn’t tears of sadness but tears of joy because she was so thankful for what Jesus did for her.
  • At the end of the meeting, a mother came up to me with tears in her eyes. Her son was 3 years old, and he never spoke a word in his life. Tonight he spoke for the first time and said the word “Mama.” She was so happy!

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

Together with the whole CfaN team


Tonight I preached in the city of Shinyanga, Tanzania – the first of the five cities where I will preach over the next two weeks. It is so amazing to me that this is happening despite the worldwide pandemic. It’s also amazing to see evangelists that graduated from the Bootcamp just a few months ago, like Jim and Kathy Leamon (who have helped organise this event in Shinyanga), taking such a strong leading role in the organisation of these amazing events. The crusades in each of the cities are being organised by Bootcamp graduates – and the results have been outstanding. 

Tonight, after I preached the Gospel I asked three of the Bootcamp graduates here in Shinyanga to help minister to the sick. Micheline Harfouche, Victoria Osborne, and David Rotärmel, all ministered with great anointing, and powerful miracles took place. Tumours vanished, injured body parts were healed, and a man’s deaf ear opened. Victoria had a word of knowledge about a woman with a tumour on her neck. Soon that woman came to the platform and testified of her healing! The other cities had tremendous breakthroughs as well. Here are updates from Daniel King and Jared Horton – the evangelists that preached tonight in the other two cities:

Tabora, Tanzania:

Evangelist Jared Horton writes: “…Tonight I preached on the blood of Jesus Christ! Before the meeting, the locals gave me a list of the false gods of this city. As I was going over my notes with the interpreter, I told him that we were going to call out each false god by name and break their power over the city in the name of Jesus. My interpreter said, “Actually we should not do that, it could cause problems.” Evangelist Daniel Kolenda has told us that sometimes the interpreters are full of fear and are afraid that the witch doctors could put a curse on them if they publicly call out these false gods. As I continued going over the plan for the night, he finally agreed to go through with it. Later, after we finished our interpreter meeting, I saw him at the end of the container trailer, praying and going after God with great intensity. He was getting prepared for what we were about to do. 


As we called out each false god, again, just like last night, people began to manifest demons all over the field, but this time there were more. Jako Hugo, who has helped with CfaN crusades for 14 years said, he has never seen the deliverance tent so full. We believe we are seeing this type of response because of the deep dark area of witchcraft we are in. 


One thing for certain is you can clearly see that the BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE NAME OF JESUS HAS POWER! When we began to call on Jesus in the meeting, people began manifesting all over the field, and one by one, they are carried to the deliverance tents. This is proof that Jesus is winning and the devil is losing! 


After we broke the power of witchcraft over the city, we prayed for the sick. Here are some powerful testimonies from tonight. 

  • A lady whose left arm was paralysed, was miraculously healed. She came on the platform to testify and demonstrate for us how she could use her arm again. 

  • A lady who had painful ulcers for one year testified that she was completely healed. All the pain in her body left during the prayer. 

  • A lady who was at the meeting last night came today to testify of her healing last night. She had the issue of blood for 20 years. Today she confirmed that she was completely healed! 

  • A Muslim lady who had numbness on both legs received her healing and made Jesus Christ her Lord and Saviour! 

  • A young lady who had pain in her stomach for 18 months was completely healed. 

  • A paralysed lady was carried to the deliverance tent. As soon as she was delivered from demons, she also received her full complete healing.

Kahama, Tanzania:

Evangelist Daniel King writes: “Today’s crusade meeting was scheduled to begin at 2 pm, but at 1 pm rain was falling from the sky. The Christians knew that people would be hesitant to come if it was raining, so they started to pray. Slowly, the sky cleared and soon the rain completely stopped… 
Tonight I preached on the paralysed man who was let down through the roof. In Matthew 9, Jesus said three things to him. First, Jesus said, “Be encouraged.” Second, Jesus said, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Third, Jesus said, “Get up, take up your bed, and go home completely healed.” Jesus healed the man’s spirit, soul, and body… 
I gave the altar call, and thousands of people responded by raising their hands. They all wanted Jesus to forgive their sins. After I led them in a salvation prayer, the counsellors gave each new believer a book and recorded their names on a decision card.
Then I prayed for the sick. First, I prayed for emotional healing, and Jesus encouraged the hearts of many people. Then I prayed for physical healing. As I rebuked every pain and sickness, miracles broke out across the crowd. Over a dozen disabled people lifted up their crutches and began to take steps of faith.

Here are some of the incredible and powerful testimonies recorded:


  • A lady who came to the platform to share her testimony was carrying her crutch in the air. She said she had been unable to walk for ten years, but now Jesus had healed her. The band began to play music, and she danced with her crutch lifted high.

  • A young girl who had an enlarged heart, and was unable to run for over a year, came forward saying that she had been healed. The music started, and she ran back and forth to show that Jesus had healed her.

  • Another lady had pain in her stomach for three months, and pain in her shoulder for over a year. She told the crowd that both problems were healed.

  • A lady who had been paralysed for one year and nine months, her neighbour brought her to the crusade on public transportation, was healed. Her face had a big smile as she danced with the crowd.

After another person came forward who was paralysed and was healed, it became clear that the theme of all the miracles tonight were of paralysed people who were being healed. I preached on a paralysed man being healed by Jesus and then Jesus proved He is still alive by healing many paralysed people in Kahama.
Another testimony was of a lady with terrible back leg pain for four years. Because of the pain, she went to the doctor for expensive injections. But, now she can walk pain-free. There were many more people lined up to testify, including a woman who was deaf whose ears were opened, and another woman who was blind whose eyes are now able to see.
Right as the testimony time was finished, a drizzle of rain fell from the sky. God had held back the rain all the way to the end of the crusade. The crowd pulled out umbrellas and went home happy because of everything God is doing in Kahama, Tanzania.” 
Meanwhile, back in Shinyanga, where I was preaching, we saw very similar things. The Lord held back the rain in a miraculous way. Also, there was much demonic manifestation, deliverance, and salvation. Praise God!

Going forward, we will only send you one report from one crusade per night, but I wanted to introduce the evangelists in the team and the cities where our crusades are taking place.

Please continue to pray for our team and for all five cities that will be impacted by the gospel this week.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


We have just concluded another amazing night of Gospel Crusades in Tanzania! Tonight, we were again in three different cities preaching the Gospel. For this report, I am going to share with you Evangelist Gary Smith’s recap of his incredible night in Shinyanga, Tanzania. Please read below:

“If I had to describe tonight in one word, it would be “Fire”! Fire literally is what happened as we burnt two containers full of witchcraft paraphernalia, idols, all sorts of bracelets and charms. All-day, I have been in much expectation for tonight's meeting as I knew that the power of God was going to touch the people of Shinyanga in a mighty way! Early in the day, the crusade committee sent me a list of all strongholds and curses over the area.

I began to pray that the Lord would destroy the work of the enemy and to turn all the curses into blessings. When I arrived, the crusade field was so charged! The people were worshipping the Lord, with big smiles on their beautiful faces, as far as I could see. You could feel their expectation to receive all they needed from the Lord, and they were not going to leave the same way they came in! I shared the Gospel message of repentance to make things right with the Lord. Everything that was done in the darkness, will be exposed in the light. To walk in freedom is a life completely surrendered to Jesus.

When the salvation message was called, people began to empty the stands and come to the front of the platform. Hands were raised and voices shouted out loud all over the stadium as thousands asked Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour. Such a beautiful moment that I will never forget, hearing thousands ask Jesus to come into their life! Their beautiful voices echo throughout my head, and I begin to weep to think that their life will never be the same again.

Many mighty miracles also happened tonight. I specifically prayed for creative miracles and different types of cancer.

  • A woman came to testify what the Lord did for her. She was crying as she was trying to explain that she does not know how it happened, but her left arm grew out and is now equal length as her right one. Then her father, who was a pastor, came to testify that what had happened was real and that he does NOT understand it nor how it happened. I told him, ‘Sir, we serve a God of miracles and the Lord just performed a creative miracle on your daughter!'
  • Another woman testified that she had tumours in her stomach area that caused much pain, but after the prayer, all the pain was gone, and she could not feel them any longer.

Not only were there many miracles, but we also prayed for the people to receive the Holy Spirit. While I was praying, the power of God was setting people free all over the stadium.

After the meeting ended, I was heading back to the vehicle when people surrounded it and started asking for prayer. As I began to pray for them, there was a woman holding a little baby boy - about three years old - and she told me her son's leg was shorter than the other. I could tell the right leg was much shorter than the left when I held him. So I began to pray for the boy, and as I did, his right leg grew to complete equal length as the left! The mom put the baby down, I grabbed his hand, and we began to walk around. He was able to walk without any issues. He did not have a limp any longer while we walked. The mom was crying so much. She could not believe that her son's legs are now equal length.

What an incredible night! I told the people, ‘Now that you have received the Holy Spirit, you walk in the power of God, and you are empowered now to share the message of Jesus everywhere you go!’”

Thank you so much for your prayers! There has already been great fruit! More to come tomorrow.

Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda
Together with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team


We have just concluded the final night of our three simultaneous Gospel crusades in Shinyanga, Tabora and Kahama, Tanzania. Tonight I would like to share the following report from Evangelist Jared Horton and their final night in Tabora, Tanzania:

“We just finished our last night of the Decapolis CfaN Crusade here in Tabora, Tanzania. What God has done in this city has been amazing! The local Pastors told us that there has NEVER been a Gospel event like this in the history of Tabora! Tonight was the biggest crowd; there were over 26,000 people in attendance. I preached a simple Gospel message, and again, thousands of people made decisions for Christ.

Tonight we also prayed for them to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. As they asked Jesus to baptise them in the Holy Spirit, suddenly the power of God swept over the crusade field, and thousands of people began praying in tongues and prophesying. It was truly a sight to see!

After we prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit, Bootcamp Graduates David Clementi and Jim Weitner prayed for the sick and started taking testimonies. David and Jim are true men of God that have been in Tabora weeks before the crusade began, working diligently to make sure the crusade was a success. Without them, none of what happened in Tabora would have been possible.

Here are a few of the powerful testimonies from their time of healing ministry:

  • A Muslim lady came to the meeting with a large tumour in her stomach area. Tonight she stood on the stage and testified that during the meeting, it disappeared and said, “Now I have to follow Jesus!"
  • A man had inflammation in the knees for six years; during the prayer, all the inflammation left his body, and he was completely healed!
  • A lady who had a sickness in her stomach for three years received her healing tonight!
  • A lady who was having a lot of pain around her waist for the last four months was healed and she testified that all her waist pain was gone.
  • A lady said that for 16 years she suffered from epilepsy. Three times it caused her to throw herself in a fire. Tonight she testified that she was completely healed and set free from epilepsy!

As we ended the crusade we encouraged everyone to get involved in a local church and to begin evangelising their city for Christ. We let them know that tonight was not the end, but rather it was the beginning of what God is doing Tabora! We also took the time to speak blessing after blessing over them. We blessed their schools, educational system, businesses, finances, health, agriculture, water systems, government, police, marriages, children, families, and anything else we could think of. As Daniel Kolenda mentioned to them last night, we made sure they went home loaded down with blessings! Tabora will never be the same in Jesus name!

For me personally, it has been one of the greatest honours of my life to participate as a co-evangelist in this crusade. I have great appreciation to God and Evangelist Daniel Kolenda for this amazing opportunity. It is truly exciting to be a part of the "Decade of Double Harvest" Vision. We are going for 150 Million souls in 10 years!”

This is truly a historic time that would not be possible without your prayers and support. Over the next three days, I will share with you reports from the last few days of crusade meetings that you haven’t seen yet, and next week we begin again in two different cities in Tanzania!

Be on the lookout for these reports also. You will be blessed!


Yours in the Gospel,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda Together
with Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

We continue in Tanzania...