Monthly Partnership

Testimony about a young lady (Isha Bejeru) who was involved in a motor cycle accident. But after prayer at one of CfaN events, received a mighty miracle from the Lord.

Boni’s testimony: A life free from oppression, anxiety and aggression. Delivered from years of depression, violence, anxiety and aggression in Ivory Coast.

Spes contracted Malaria in 1993 and as a result she lost most of her hearing.  Not only did she have to live with near complete deafness, her family also took her to various places to be treated. Watch her testimony.

For Benjamin Ella’s wife, Jeannette, there was only one response to her husband’s infidelity: she decided to murder him...

Do you desire to be personally involved in the great end-time harvest of souls in a more meaningful way?  Do you consider the Great Commission more than a good idea but a passionate personal imperative? 

If so, then we'd like you to prayerfully consider becoming a Monthly Ministry Partner with this ministry and tap into the blessing of partnering with us each month to win more souls to Christ.

Right now...

CfaN is seeing a HISTORIC HARVEST of SOULS taking place.  At every Gospel Campaign hundreds of thousands of people receive Christ.  The realisation is ever so prominent to us that each crowd consists of a multitude of individuals.

Jesus didn't tell us to make converts, He commanded us to make disciples of all nations.  We believe so strongly in this, that we allocate half of our campaign budget to implement a follow-up system.

The reason that we are meticulous in our follow-up is that EACH and EVERY one of these people is precious to Jesus, and that is the reason that we are interested in the individuals that come to our Gospel Campaigns.

Becoming a Monthly Ministry Partner with Christ for all Nations means two things:

      1) That you will be supporting this ministry with a monthly financial gift that will help us to plan our Gospel efforts more effectively.

      2) You will be committing to pray for this ministry and for our effectiveness in reaching the lost.

Our commitment to you...

Is that we will continue to reach the lost through preaching a clear Gospel message that the Holy Spirit can use to draw all men to Jesus. We also commit to pray for and uphold our partners, who are so precious to us.

As you partner with Christ for all Nations and our mission of "Winning Millions to Christ One Soul at a time", you will be partnering not just with us, but with the Lord of the Harvest and helping to fulfil the Great Commission.

If you are looking for a place to invest your time and offerings in a way that will effectively win the lost to Jesus I want to encourage you to take a step of faith and join us as a Monthly Ministry Partner. You will not find a more committed people or a richer soil that the Lord has called us to in the harvest fields of Africa, Asia, and the world.

I would love for you to become a Monthly Ministry Partner with us today. Please say yes to whatever the Lord tells you to do. Thank you so much.

Every Blessing in Christ,

Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

PS. We are excited to send a 'Monthly Ministry Partner Resource Bundle' to everyone who becomes a new Monthly Ministry Partner during 2018 with a donation of £10 or more per month.  During the course of the first 12 months of supporting CfaN monthly you will receive a copy of Impact Africa, Live Before You Die, Breath of God and Holy Ground. 

Resources will be dispatched quarterly after the first installment has been received.  In order to receive your 'Monthly Ministry Partner Resource Bundle' simply tick the box to indicate that you would like to receive it when you complete your monthly support details in the Donate Now section.